2014-11-10 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair/Scribe)
  • Stephen Chu
  • John Hatem
  • Tom de Jong
  • Chris Tyne
  • Matthew Graham


FHIR Change Request (LLOYD)


  • reviewed the options for this - do not believe it should be handled as a separate resource
  • should be a different status not a separate resource -
Action:  Suggest Option #2 is preferable - Melva will update the Gforge change request - COMPLETE

Discussion of FHIR Timelines

  • confusion on the timelines for the content for the upcoming ballots
  • there was discussion on the TSC call this morning
  • may need to have placeholders for new content
  • CCDA profiles for medication related content are not due until the May 2015 ballot cycle
  • Use case - medication regimen - managing a pill box
    • prescribed and over the counter medication
    • creation of the schedule for management of medications
    • could be a profile on medication administration
    • there is a PSS being created in Mobile Health to define this including use cases

FHIR Status

  • need to review when we have more people on the call

Harmonization Proposal Review

File:000-November2014-HyperlinkedIndexForHarmonization 201411105.xls

  • Moved by John - seconded by Matthew - no concerns from Pharmacy - 5/0/0 - Carried
ACTION:  Melva will notify harmonization list - COMPLETE

CDA Template work with Melva

  • John is working on the CDA Template work with Melva. Next step is to take this to put it into the FHIR tool that will then allow profiles to be created.
  • Update 10/27/14: John has started the profile creation work. John would like to work with Melva on the first profile. John suggests that we start with the Medication Dispense profile. Will proceed with profile work until we run into an issue. When we do we address issues with the StructuredDocs workgroup.
  • Update Nov 10, 2014 - John working on CCDA Medication Dispense profile - had a call with Melva and Lloyd and will have a followup call

List serve traffic

Rates of administration for medicines

  • Long thread on description for rates of administration for medicines – e.g. for dopamine to keep urine output at a particular level. Various sub-threads have emerged, including a syntax for free text (!) and critically where a free text dosage instructions should be put in the CDA.
  • Various folk are not able to join the CDA call on Thursday, but we feel that the correct pattern would be to use the component act relationship on the MedicationOrder SBADMRQO class to clone a second SBADMRQO class that carries the Dosage Instructions information.
  • The text attribute of that class can correctly carry the text of the Dosage Instructions. This is how the Dose Syntax Implementation Guidance for V3 describes this should be done too.
ACTION COMPLETED: Hugh/Julie will post something about this to the List. 
  • Update - The result of the Thursday meeting is not known.
  • Response from Brett: A few folks agreed to finalize a design offline and present to SDWG on October 30th. The initial draft is very similar to what Julie proposed.
Action: Melva to see if this was discussed on SDWG - don't know what the outcome was

Mobile Health codathon

  • Will be building mobile-based Medication type applications. Suggest reaching out to the Committee to offer to answer questions etc. if they come across things that they need help with for Medication topics (rather than reinvent the wheel). Hugh will do this (partly as he is also FHIR liaison for Mobile Health).
Action Completed: Hugh to send email to Matthew in Mobile Health.  Answer:  Hugh did not receive a reply.
  • there was an ONC sponsored codathon in the past week or so - Matthew to find out the outcome
  • are there new use cases that Pharmacy should be aware of?
  • Matthew is participating in Mobile Health and is now joining Pharmacy
  • can close this agenda item

Pharmacy on-line tutorial

  • Should we put that together – and if we do, would that help with issues from CDA, mobile health etc.
  • Suggest this is based on the V3 principles (particularly as FHIR still a moving target)
  • Who has time and resources to do this? Is it something that could be developed during two quarters at a WGM?
ACTION: Add to WGM Agenda for San Antonio.

Action: Develop PSS for a tutorial project. Determine scope and breathe of possible artifact developed.
  • Suggest that we should put the outline for a course together in advance of the WGM (many of us have training that we have done that we can blend together to give a good outline).

Meeting Room Request for May 2015 WGM

Action: Melva to make room requests - COMPLETE


  • none

Next meeting - November 24, 2014 at 1600hr Eastern