2014-10-27 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • Christof Gessner
  • Hugh Glover
  • Julie James
  • John Hatem
  • Marla Albitz (Scribe)
  • Jean Duteau


Pharmacist EHR Functional Profile

  • From Scott: asking that the Pharmacy WG review and approve this PSS as either a Sponsoring or Co-sponsoring WG (your choice). Note that there is no specific work requirement for Pharmacy WG associated with this project. I am available for questions either via email or on an upcoming Pharmacy WG telecon. Please let me know the Pharmacy WG telecon date & time.
  • This PSS was accepted by the US Realm Task Force on their call today (9/30/2014). At this juncture, EHR and Pharmacy WGs are being asked to approve the PSS.
  • The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative created an Implementation Guide (13-294_HITSbook_HL7_Web.pdf, attached) which addresses application of the HL7 Pharmacist/Pharmacy Provider Functional Profile to the community practice setting. The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative is supplying the document to HL7 to redistribute alongside the HL7 Pharmacist/Pharmacy Provider Functional Profile. The goal of the project is to "endorse" the document (accepting the document as-is; acknowledging the document as supplementary guidance).
  • the PSS for the Pharmacy/Pharmacist EHR Functional Profile Guidance Document needs to be approved. The Functional Profiles was a joint HL7/NCPDP project, this is a separate guidance document by PSTAC and Pharmacy HIT Collaborative addressing implementation in specific work domains (e.g., Ambulatory Pharmacy). EHR WG has reviewed and approved the PSS (decided to NOT be a primary sponsor). The document is presented as-is, so there should be minimal work associated with the ballot.
  • Assuming that the PSS, above, is approved, we need to submit a NIB for the project/document. I will take care of the NIB (and any others that are needed). I just need confirmation that Pharmacy agrees to go to ballot in this cycle.

Community Pharmacy Practice EHR Profile Guidance

  • Update: 10/27/2014 - Deadline missed for including in the January ballot cycle. If we sponsor project cannot until May ballot cycle.
Action Item: Ask Scott why not go to Normative instead of Informative. Thought is that Informative too weak for the project's intended impact as an endorsement.
Action item:  Dates must be changed for May ballot.
Action item: Must go to US Realm taskforce. Edit should be made to the PSS accordingly.

Approval pending given that all open issues are address: Voted to approve: 6:0:0

  • Issues were addressed, vote stands
Action item completed: Melva to forward our notes to Scott.
  • Scott's response on 10/27/2014: The PSS has been reviewed and approved by the US realm task force and EHR WG. Next up is DESD and then TSC. The ballot is informative since the document is only advise and recommendation of an external organization. HL7 is endorsing the document as useful information, but there is no HL7 conformance requirements within the document.

CDA Template work with Melva

  • John is working on the CDA Template work with Melva. Next step is to take this to put it into the FHIR tool that will then allow profiles to be created.
  • Update 10/27/14: John has started the profile creation work. John would like to work with Melva on the first profile. John suggests that we start with the Medication Dispense profile. Will proceed with profile work until we run into an issue. When we do we address issues with the StructuredDocs workgroup.

List serve traffic

Rates of administration for medicines

  • Long thread on description for rates of administration for medicines – e.g. for dopamine to keep urine output at a particular level. Various sub-threads have emerged, including a syntax for free text (!) and critically where a free text dosage instructions should be put in the CDA.
  • Various folk are not able to join the CDA call on Thursday, but we feel that the correct pattern would be to use the component act relationship on the MedicationOrder SBADMRQO class to clone a second SBADMRQO class that carries the Dosage Instructions information.
  • The text attribute of that class can correctly carry the text of the Dosage Instructions. This is how the Dose Syntax Implementation Guidance for V3 describes this should be done too.
ACTION COMPLETED: Hugh/Julie will post something about this to the List. 
  • Update - The result of the Thursday meeting is not known.
Action:  Melva will reach out to SDWG to find out the resolution to that issue during last Thursday's meeting.

FHIR List – medications can be “packages” or “products”

Action Completed: John will forward the e-mail to the Pharmacy List for someone to respond to.  Answer:  was a documentation issue.  No change needed, documentation issue only.
  • Closed issue - 10/27/14

Mobile Health codathon

  • Will be building mobile-based Medication type applications. Suggest reaching out to the Committee to offer to answer questions etc. if they come across things that they need help with for Medication topics (rather than reinvent the wheel). Hugh will do this (partly as he is also FHIR liaison for Mobile Health).
Action Completed: Hugh to send email to Matthew in Mobile Health.  Answer:  Hugh did not receive a reply.

FHIR Status

Action: Hugh will ask for clarification of FMG, if he makes the meeting.

Pharmacy on-line tutorial

  • Should we put that together – and if we do, would that help with issues from CDA, mobile health etc.
  • Suggest this is based on the V3 principles (particularly as FHIR still a moving target)
  • Who has time and resources to do this? Is it something that could be developed during two quarters at a WGM?
ACTION: Add to WGM Agenda for San Antonio.

Action: Develop PSS for a tutorial project. Determine scope and breathe of possible artifact developed.
  • Suggest that we should put the outline for a course together in advance of the WGM (many of us have training that we have done that we can blend together to give a good outline).


Next meeting - November 10, 2014 at 1600hr Eastern