2014-09-08 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • Marla Albitz (Scribe)
  • Christof Gessner
  • Rob Hausam
  • Jean Duteau
  • John Hatem

Draft Agenda

WGM Agenda & Planning

  • Thursday - Will cancel if Hugh is not able to attend that day.
Action: Melva will email Hugh to find out if he can chair the meeting on Thursday.  If we do not hear by Wednesday, will cancel WG Thursday meeting day.

Content in Ballot (John)

  • Medication Order - there is no link
    • John sent in a request to HL7 re: the missing links in the Pharmacy materials about two weeks ago - have heard back that they will update the page. This work has not been completed as of Monday, August 25, 2014.
    • 9/8/2014 update John has not heard anything -
Action: John will resend the email.

ISO eRx Requirements

  • John/Melva

File:EN ISO 17523 (E) DIS submission 20140604 jh MP.docx

  • 9/8/2014 update: Cristoff suggested that we have time to consider the comments. Christof to present document face-to-face in Chicago.
Action:  Christoff to review comments prior to the meeting.  All members are suggested to review prior to the meeting as well.

List Serve Discussion

Brett Marquard - Frequencies - September 4, 2014

File:Medication Frequencies in CDA.pdf

  • CDA example task force are reviewing frequency and asked Rx WG to consider it. John reviewed it. Group discussed during this call. Group agrees that we should discuss this in our SD/Rx joint meeting in Chicago.
Action: Melva will respond to Brett.  Will suggest to Brett to discuss in joint meeting or invite him to one of our meetings in Chicago.

ICH - dosing information question - July 10, 2014

  • ICH continues its work to implement the ISO/HL7 ICSR 27953 specification and we need to revisit the appropriate answer for the following item in order to remain consistent with pharmacy best practices for electronic order/prescription and dispensing records. In the case of 30mg t.i.d, which data entry is preferable A, B or is there another option (based upon existing specifications/best practices) that ICH should consider?
    • A:
      • Dose (number): 30
      • Dose (unit): mg
      • Number of Units in the Interval : 0.33
      • Definition of the Time Interval Unit: day
    • B:
      • Dose (number): 30
      • Dose (unit): mg
      • Number of Units in the Interval: 8
      • Definition of the Time Interval Unit: hours
  • this has not been answered - need A or B seem to be correct - 3 times per day is not the same as every 8 hours
Action Completed:  Scott drafted a response for review on the August 11th teleconference. Question answered with no acknowledgement person asking the question.  
Action:  Post Scott's response to the "hot topics" on the wiki.

FHIR DSTU Updates and Resources

  • Review List of DSTU updates
  • FHIR Profile webinar concerns - Timing not ideal for deliverable, but there is a formal class offered at the next WG meeting. Marla, Melva and John have registered for class.
  • Jean Duteau posted updated comments on Dropbox - includes PHER harmonization.

File:Proposed DSTU Changes.xlsx

  • Plan to continue to work on DSTU items at the WG meeting.
  • PHER/Pharmacy Harmonization Changes will be included with these changes
Action:  Jean will include these changes in DSTU changes - still oustanding waiting for list from Jon. (action item below)
Action:  John to provide list to Jean - still needed as of 9/8/2014
  • There was an entry about a question regarding "Days of supply"
Action: Jean to updated comments with "Days of Supply" item

Pharmacy Template Project

  • Mood Code Discussion - will be included
  • John and Melva to continue the work

Potential New Project

  • Scott reached out to other co-chairs about the push to promote alignment between HL7 Rx templates and NCPDP for the structured sig work.
    • This may be a new project for the group. Waiting for more information.
Action: Melva will follow up with Scott to determine if there is a project here.
  • Group will try and move on this for next week's WG meeting.

Pharmacy WG Teleconferece

  • September 15 and 22nd meetings are cancelled

Next meeting - WGM Chicago - Monday Q3