2014-07-28 Rx Conf Call

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  • Scott Robertson (Chair)
  • Marla Albitz (Scribe)
  • Melva Peters
  • John Hatem
  • Austin Kreisler
  • Jean Duteau


  • C-CDA on FHIR
  • WGM Agenda & Planning
  • ISO eRx Requirements
  • List Serve Discussion
  • FHIR DSTU Updates
    • DSTU Comments
    • PHER/Pharmacy Harmonization
  • Pharmacy Template Project
  • Mood Code Discussion
  • Workgroup Health

Review of ISO Requirements for Electronic Prescription


  • no discussion

List Serve Discussion

  • Grahame Grieve FHIRMedicationAdministration question email sent on July 21 to the Pharmacy HL7 address.
Action item: Group will add these comments to our FHIR DSTU work.
Action item: Jean will send email to Grahame letting him know that the Rx WG will look at his issues with the DSTU work.


DSTU Comments

Action item: Jean will create a list of resources that should be included in the DSTU.

The group will consider Grahame's comments in email on 7/21/2014.

PHER/Pharmacy Harmonization

  • no discussion

Pharmacy Template Project

  • covered under agenda topics

Mood Code Discussion

  • on hold pending completion of Pharmacy Template work
  • now part of the Rx template work.


  • Austin attended to present and ask for co-sponsorship for C-CDA US Realm FHIR project. Project scope statement included phases:
    • Mapping consolidated C-CDA to FHIR resources - strict mapping from C-CDA to FHIR resources. Rx working group already taking this approach.
    • Structured docs would take the output of #1 and building on top of it header templates and section level templates for C-CDA.
  • Intent is to take C-CDA and FHIR to normative - long term goal.
  • Melva explained that we already agreed to engage in this work. Melva and John's mapping work provides the initial steps of the project.
  • Austin shared the FMG's timeline has many concerned.
  • Some confusion on whether profiles are part of this project. The Rx group is interested in training for building profiles. There may be HL7 webinar on its way.
  • Austin motioned to have Rx WG to be a co-sponsor.
  • Melva seconded
  • Approved 5:0:0
Action item: Melva to adjust scope statement to restate CDA as C-CDA.
Action item: John to enter new PHER and Rx items into the list so they show up on the project's worklist.

John posed the question of whether we maintain the worklist or is that owned by Stuctured Docs with Rx WG doing the work.

Action item:  Melva to invite Lloyd to a call to make sure we are on the same page of how we develop a profile.

email thread summary

AUSTIN - 7/22/2014 Melva, This project focuses on Consolidated CDA (C-CDA) template mapping to FHIR resources. The problem is that C-CDA work is clearly US Realm work. Do you really want your general FHIR project to get entangled with the US Realm? Thanks, Austin
MELVA - 7/22/2014 Hi all, We have a project to do Pharmacy FHIR work that includes the CDA template work. It has been approved through the WG and SD. -Melva
SCOTT - 7/22/2014 Added to the agenda
AUSTIN - 7/21/2014 Scott, I’d like to get a little time on the next Pharmacy call to seek your work groups approval to co-sponsor the C-CDA on FHIR project. It’s my understanding your work group has been asked by FMG to do some work mapping C-CDA templates to FHIR Resources. The C-CDA on FHIR project is the umbrella project for that effort. I’ve attached the latest version of the PSS. Thanks, Austin

ISO eRx Requirements

No discussion

WGM Agenda & Planning

  • Draft agenda September 2014 Pharmacy WGM Agenda
  • Scott has to leave on Tuesday night for work commitment
  • Melva leaves Wednesday night.
  • Scott will chair for Monday/Tuesday sessions, but offers for others to chair.
  • No meeting on Friday.
  • PHER harmonization is needed and should be left on schedule.
  • Wednesday predominantly template work.
  • Hugh and Julie are confirmed to be in Chicago. (Melva)
  • Group is considering not having any meeting session on Thursday. Survey will help inform decision.
Action item: Scott to send survey to WG to get daily attendance for Chicago WG meeting.
  • John raised concerns about Rx Group meeting attendance. Group echoed concerns. There has been a drop-off in participation. There was group consensus that group should discuss issue.

Workgroup Health

  • A good report for Pharmacy
  • Scott shared that the Rx WG has a green indicator on this project. Thank you Melva!

Next meeting - 2014-08-04 at 1600hr Eastern