2014-07-14 Rx Conf Call

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  • John Hatem (Chair)
  • Marla Albitz (Scribe)
  • Jean Duteau
  • Julia Chan
  • Scott Robertson


  • List Serve Discussion
  • Domain election
  • FHIR DSTU Updates
    • DSTU Comments
    • PHER/Pharmacy Harmonization
  • Pharmacy Template Project
  • Mood Code Discussion

Domain Experts Election

  • DESD election - need to vote

DESD Profile John tells us that Melva is a candidate. Scott motioned to favor Melva, motion was second. Voted for Melva 4:0:0

Review of ISO Requirements for Electronic Prescription (John/Melva)

  • further discussion next week
Action:  John will update the document based on initial review by John and Melva and will send to individuals on today's call

List Serve Discussion

  • Question from FHIR (Lisa Stevenson) - Looking for best practices of dispensing and administering. Submitter offered examples and discussions are in progress. As of today, closure has not been reached. Tom provided response to submitter. Response still needs to be posted to listserv
Action: John will update the listserv with Tom's answer.


  • DSTU Comments
    • Medication Administration Workflow comment from Jared Sinclair

Jean suggested we clean up and align our pharmacy attributes, John agreed. Both Melva and John are watching for FHIR Rx comments that relate to the FHIR DSTU. John reported that conversations have occurred about the creation of profiles for Rx templates that exist in consolidated-CDA. John and Melva have volunteered to learn more about building profiles. John and Melva have reached out to Lloyd for help in getting up to speed on FHIR profiles.

Action: For John to contact FHIR about outstanding Rx items.

PHER/Pharmacy Harmonization

No discussion noted

Mood Code Discussion

John explained that this work will start once we finish the template project work. The mode code work can be better aligned with the Rx template work. Therefore, this work is on hold.

Pharmacy Template Project

John provided update on he and Melva's work in this area. He offered to include others in this work.

Building of Rx profiles

Julia Chan brought this topic to the group. She asked if there were plans to develop profiles within the S&I framework for Rx use cases. John and Scott explained that they feel that there is no one way to approach the Rx use case. John went on to explain that a group or realm could decide to take on this task, but at this time the group is not aware of these activities being underway. Scott offered Julia and explanation of the landscape.

Next meeting - 2014-07-21 at 1600hr Eastern