2014-06-02 Rx Conf Call

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  • Hugh Glover (chair)
  • John Hatem
  • Marla Albitz (scribe)
  • Tom De Jong
  • Julie Glover


OOC Agenda

  • List serve Discussions
  • OOC
  • FHIR
    • DSTU question
    • Resource development
    • Pharmacy use of Mood code etc.
  • Pharmacy Template project

FHIR List Serve Discussions

  • No actionable Listserv items for Rx WG.

PSS for FHIR work

  • Need to create a PSS to do the updates and to develop a new resource

5/26/2014 Action: John will confirm with Hugh if he has availability. FHIR group indicated that if we didn't have the bandwidth they will assign a resource

6/2/2014 Action follow-up: Hugh said he does not have the bandwidth to engage on this effort.
Action: Hugh will get in touch with Jean D. to discuss our possible work on this project.

Pharmacy's use of mood codes

 Action:  John will share his document to the list serve

Pharmacy Template Work

  • There is a project scope state for Phase 1. Work started on this work in Phoenix.
  • have started the work of mapping V3 to V2 to CCDA medication templates
  • During 5/26/14 call, Lisa Nelson volunteered to take the output into a template database within Structured Docs. No update on that activity.
  • We still need to discuss this work with the larger group included Jean, Tom etc.
  • Reviewed it on this call for people to get exposed to the work and provide feedback.
  • With a strong attendance in Chicago, we plan to focus on the Pharmacy Template work.
  • John presented the IMM_MedAdmin_Harm_v6.xlxs. John shared that additional cleanup is needed in order to inform the pharmacy template work.
  • John presented the Pharmacy v3_HL7vs Mapping_old.xls file. Explained that it provides a mapping from V3, FHIR, V2 models. John sought reaction from group to get a sense of whether this an effective tool for the template work. Hugh felt it would work well, but recommended we reconcile it with the Rx Resource library.
  • John walked through the C-CDATemplateLibrary to illustrate how the information in the template library was leveraged to build the Pharmacy v3_HL7vs Mapping_old.xls document.
  • Hugh asked if examples of XML exist for the template libraries. John confirmed that they do exist and showed a sample discharge summary file to the group. The samples appear to be part of the C-CDA template library distribution.
Action:  John to check the Rx resource library to insure Pharmacy v3_HL7vs Mapping_old.xls aligns with the contents of this work  in this spreadsheet.
Action:  Tom suggested we pass the Rx template work via email.  John will share the documents via email.
Action:  Hugh to send email to determine if next week’s meeting should occur.
Action: To continue work at the Chicago working group meeting.  The meeting will be well attended. Plans to meet Monday through Thursday, no meeting on Friday.

Next meeting - 2014-06-09 @ 1600 ET

  • Agenda
    • List serve discussion
    • FHIR DSTU question - compliance
    • Pharmacy use of Mood code etc.
    • ISO Definitions
    • Pharmacy Template project/work