2014-04-07 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair and Scribe)
  • Scott Robertson
  • Hugh Glover
  • Katherine Duteau
  • Lisa Nelson
  • John Hatem


List Serve Discussions

  • "Frequency" update requested. No discussion on today's call
Action:  Tom will add to Hot Topics page
  • Immunization questions from Bonnie McAllister - no progress
Action:  Find the details of the questions - document on Hot Topics - MELVA
Action:  Add to discussion for next week

Pharmacy's use of mood codes

  • Tom has made comments directly to Lisa and these have been incorporated into the documentation
  • For Structured Docs Brian Weiss is maintaining a blog CDAPRO with details of their guidance on use of CDA
  • Discussion then turned to nature and use of Medication Lists
    • Lisa pointed out that there will soon be a CCDA definition of a Medication list and now is a good time to get this correct
      • Lists may be for Physician to Physician communications others are for Physician to Patient or Patient to Physician
      • Its important to distinguish between actual as opposed to intent
    • There was agreement that lists only usefully exist in a context of use
    • This would be a good topic for discussion at the OOC
  • review of John's document
Action: John will clean up his document and share to the List
Action:  Include as agenda on upcoming meeting

OOC Agenda

  • Attendees: Melva will attend; Hugh will try to dial in
Action:  Work on agenda in Phoenix

FHIR DSTU Question

  • I am looking for the correct resource to use that can capture something like "daily aspirin use" with possible values of: taking as recommended, taking but not as recommended (maybe the patient is taking half dose daily), not taking, unable to obtain, etc. I also need the date when that patient told the provider of their compliance in case we need to reconcile across multiple sources. This seems like it could fit in a couple different places -- such as an Observation, Questionnaire, MedicationStatement (or List) -- each with their own pros and cons. Which resource and attributes are recommended for this medication compliance information?
    • compliance question rather than a medication statement
    • could be done by putting an extension on medication statement - code for compliance and actual dose that could be taken.
Action:  Hugh to post a response asking for clarification on the use case and suggest that an extension on medication statement resource might work.

Request for review of ISO definitions


Action:  Melva to post this to the Pharmacy List 
Action:  include on the agenda for next weeks call


  • Next week's call is cancelled as all co-chairs are unavailable.

Next meeting - 2014-04-21 @ 1600 ET

  • Agenda
    • List serve discussion
      • Frequency
    • Immunization questions
    • Pharmacy use of Mood code etc.
    • Medication/Immunization FHIR Harmonization
    • Out of Cycle Meeting - Planning - Joint meeting and HL7 Pharmacy meeting
    • Pharmacy Template project/work
    • Pharmacy WGM Agenda
    • FHIR DSTU question - compliance
    • ISO definition review