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2014-02-04 User Group Task Force Conf Call

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  • Report on email discussions with AIRA
  • Status on UG draft documents
  • Discussion about UG Metrics for evaluating UG progress


  • John Hatem (Chair/Scribe), Nathan Bunker, Karen Van Hentenryck, Mark McDougall

Minutes / Discussions

  • Report on email discussions with AIRA
    • On January 27th, Mary Beth K confirmed that AIRA is interested in working with HL7 and will help create an agenda and a schedule for the initial UG meting.
    • On February 4th, Rebecca Coyle responded that AIRA is working on the SOU and hopes to have an initial draft sent to HL7 by Monday, february 10th.
  • Status on UG draft documents
    • UG Mission and Charter Guidelines document and Request for New UG document have both been posted to the the UG Task Force wiki.
  • Discussion about UG metrics
    • UG Members
      • Counts of UG members - affiliations with HL7, AIRA, or non membership status
    • UG Meeting measures
      • Counts of UG attendance - affiliations with HL7, AIRA or non membership status
      • Measures of repeat attendance, frequency of attendance
    • UG Listserv - suggestion to make this a closed listserv, meaning only open to UG members
      • Counts of UG participation - and affiliations
      • Measures of frequency of use
    • UG Wiki - suggestion to make this a closed wiki, meaning only open to UG members
      • Counts UG access to content or pages in this wiki
    • UG Health
      • Karen will forward the WGM Heath metrics for evalution by the UG for modification and includsion in our UG metrics
    • UG Education/Training
      • Incorporate UG surveys using Survey Monkey or similar tools for evaluating any UG training sessions
      • Keep the survey instrument simple and easy to use e.g. Recommend Score (single question)
      • Count numbers of attendees and affiliatons
  • Other Discussions
    • UG Pilot meetings will meet ~ once a month
    • UG Measures of Success
      • attendance on calls is at some mimum level
      • traffic on listservs is growing or stable
      • UG membership is growing
    • UG Measures of Failure
      • lack of interest as measured by poor or no attendance at meetings
      • no newe agenda topics
      • low or poor recommendation scores
    • UG clinical attendance
      • this may vary from UG to UG.
      • one focus may to solicit Use Cases that can be used by the WG standards creation body.

Next UG Meeting - February 11th, 2014

  • Updates on UG pilot, SOU, metrics, etc.
  • AOB