2014-01-13 Rx Conf Call

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  • Scott Robertson (Chair)
  • John Hatem
  • Melva Peters (Scribe)
  • Hugh Glover
  • Julie James
  • Stephen Chu
  • Tom de Jong
  • Jean Duteau

List Serve Discussions

Compounded medications

  • from 12/2 call: agreed cannot describe compounds in a structured way in CDA R2. Describe in text. Scott to advise Gaye/SDWG.
  • summary sent to Gaye/Bob. some further discussion but no response from Gaye/Bob
  • Deferred from December 16th meeting
Action: Scott to followup with SDWG - will complete week of Jan 13th.
Action:  Scott will add Tom's email to the discussion (email from January 1, 2014 from Tom) - will complete week of Jan 13th.

PRN Medication Orders - how to do them in CDA

  • from 11/25 email: Tom will send summarization
  • 12/9: Discussion continues on the list, mostly about the need for an explicit code
  • Lisa asked Pharmacy to develop an xml snippet example for prn with condition and without condition (and possible others) for how to handle - Lisa will take the content and get it into the tool or post on to the Wiki
    • examples need to speak to "prn codes"
  • John reached out to Tom on how to populate with or without a pre-condition - they can be represented in CDA
    • need to provide concrete examples
    • Stephen believes that it is missing semantics that clearly indicates PRN
Action:  John to forward to the List the snippets and some clinical example and ask for feedback.  Once we've agreed on this, Lisa will make sure it gets documented for CDA.  Pharmacy Wiki needs to have a link to these.
Action:  Discuss further in San Antonio and spend some time working on the documentation.  Add to Agenda for WGM.
Action:  Scott to send snippet example to the list - will complete week of Jan 13th.

Other SDWG discussions

  • Set some time aside in San Antonio and review the use cases and representations that have been on SDWG list recently, then document them.
  • We should include discuss in the context of our Pharmacy Template Project
Action:  Members should review draft PSS before San Antonio

January 2014 Ballot

  • MTM CDA Template
    • Request for OOC ballot - Scott has submitted the request - Scott needs to follow up
  • IDMP - Quorum obtained - 1 negative

January 2014 Agenda - San Antonio=


  • Review and update draft agenda
Action: CDS - move to Thursday Q4 - Complete
Action:  Wed Q1 - work on SDWG List Serve topics - COMPLETE
Action:  Scott to talk to Christian about ISO update

Publication Status

  • Med Order
    • Publication Request Status - Scott to confirm status - not submitted
    • Scott to work on what he can
    • Discuss on next call
  • Med Dispense
    • Publication Request Status - Scott to confirm status - not submitted
    • Scott to work on what he can
    • Discuss on next call
  • Medication CMETs
    • Publication Request Status - Scott to confirm status - not submitted
    • Scott to work on what he can
    • Discuss on next call
  • Pharmacy CMETs
    • Publication Request Status - submitted to HQ on December 19, 2013 - was approved

Clinical Decision Support Virtual Medical Record

  • Melva voted negative on behalf of Pharmacy, Pharmacy needs to review CDS' response.
  • File:Recon hl7 cds vmr lm r2 i1 2013sep.xlsx
    • Need to see the models to see how they have modelled - the reconciliations are okay, but need to see the models
Action:  Melva to request the models from CDS - complete
Action: Melva to ask Jean to review models - Complete
  • not everything has been solved
Action:  Jean will submit comments as a Negative Major and request in person review.

FHIR Immunization and Medication Administration Task Force

  • Status - PHER and Pharmacy resources met to discuss - will continue discussion in San Antonio
    • Mapping of Immunization attributes and definitions to Medication Administration has been completed and reviewed with PHER - some gaps
    • Divided in phases
      • 1st phase by December 24th - trying to harmonize "like" attributes - will forward to Joginder - 8 attributes have been mapped - need to harmonize names and definitions
        • Lot Number - should add to Medication Resource
        • Expiration Date - should add to Medication Resource
        • Explanation Reason - reason why vaccine administered - could this be mapped to indication - need more information
        • Explanation Refusal Reason - reason why vaccine not administered - we have a similar attribute in medication administration
        • Immunization Protocol - may be unique to Immunization
        • Immunization.date - in Medication Admin - called "whenGiven" - can we simplify to "date" - FHIR names are supposed to be more "human friendly" - so maybe "date when given"
        • Immunization.subject - we both point to patient resource, but need to harmonize name/definitions - recommend "patient"
        • Immunization.performer - both reference Practitioner resource - need to harmonize name/definitions
        • Immunization.site - same as MedicationAdministration.dosage.site - harmonize name/definitions
        • Immunization.route - same as MedicationAdministration.dosage.route - harmonize name/definitions
        • Immunization.doseQuantity - same as MedicationAdministration.doseQuantity - harmonize name/definitions
      • 2nd phase - won't be complete before Christmas - need to look at "similar concepts" but where they are modelled differently to determine how to represent consistently
  • Will discuss further in San Antonio

Joint IHE Meeting

  • confusion of proposed dates - there is a doodle poll - Please respond
Action: Melva to email Michael Tan to confirm dates - Complete
Action: Please respond to the Doodle Poll - Melva forwarded to the List


  • HL7 Task Force on User Groups - FYI
    • AIRA - Immunization Community - selected Community
    • John will share more information as it is available

Next meeting - San Antonio WGM - Monday Q1