2014-01-06 Rx Conf Call

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  • John Hatem (Chair)
  • Melva Peters (Scribe)
  • Julie James
  • Scott Robertson
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Stephen Chu

List Serve Discussions

Compounded medications

  • from 12/2 call: agreed cannot describe compounds in a structured way in CDA R2. Describe in text. Scott to advise Gaye/SDWG.
  • summary sent to Gaye/Bob. some further discussion but no response from Gaye/Bob
  • Deferred from December 16th meeting
Action: Scott to followup with SDWG
Action:  Scott will add Tom's email to the discussion (email from January 1, 2014 from Tom)

PRN Medication Orders - how to do them in CDA

  • from 11/25 email: Tom will send summarization
  • 12/9: Discussion continues on the list, mostly about the need for an explicit code
Action: Scott will connect with Tom about a final summarization of the issue
  • Lisa asked Pharmacy to develop an xml snippet example for prn with condition and without condition (and possible others) for how to handle - Lisa will take the content and get it into the tool or post on to the Wiki
    • examples need to speak to "prn codes"
Action:  Scott to send snippet example to the list
Action:  Add agenda item to next weeks call

January 2014 Ballot

  • MTM CDA Template
    • Request for OOC ballot - Scott has submitted the request - Scott needs to complete this week.

January 2014 Agenda - San Antonio=


  • Review and update draft agenda
    • Co-Chairs to update their availability and topics
      • Add FHIR Immunization and Medication Harmonization
      • Add FHIR Session - additions and edits to Pharmacy resources
Action:  Reach out to PHER group -Melva
Action:  John to reach to Tom on the Pharmacy Template project
Action:  Co-Chairs to update their availability 
Action:  Change publication request and edits to Thursday

Publication Status

  • Med Order
    • Publication Request Status - Scott to confirm status - not submitted
    • Scott to work on what he can
    • Discuss on next call
  • Med Dispense
    • Publication Request Status - Scott to confirm status - not submitted
    • Scott to work on what he can
    • Discuss on next call
  • Medication CMETs
    • Publication Request Status - Scott to confirm status - not submitted
    • Scott to work on what he can
    • Discuss on next call
  • Pharmacy CMETs
    • Publication Request Status - submitted to HQ on December 19, 2013

Clinical Decision Support Virtual Medical Record

  • Melva voted negative on behalf of Pharmacy, Pharmacy needs to review CDS' response.
  • File:Recon hl7 cds vmr lm r2 i1 2013sep.xlsx
    • Need to see the models to see how they have modelled - the reconciliations are okay, but need to see the models
Action:  Melva to request the models from CDS - complete
Action: Melva to ask Jean to review models

FHIR Ballot disposition

  • Results of e-Vote
    • Approved 7/0/0
Poll "e-Vote: Pharmacy-FHIR Ballot Comments" ' '
Affirmative Negative
Melva Peters OK
Jean Duteau OK
Grahame grieve OK
John Hatem OK
Sundar Kalai Nath OK
Lloyd McKenzie OK
Xenos Dimitrios OK
Count 7 0

FHIR Immunization and Medication Administration Task Force

  • Status - PHER and Pharmacy resources met to discuss - will continue discussion in San Antonio
    • Mapping of Immunization attributes and definitions to Medication Administration has been completed and reviewed with PHER - some gaps
    • Divided in phases
      • 1st phase by December 24th - trying to harmonize "like" attributes - will forward to Joginder - 8 attributes have been mapped - need to harmonize names and definitions
        • Lot Number - should add to Medication Resource
        • Expiration Date - should add to Medication Resource
        • Explanation Reason - reason why vaccine administered - could this be mapped to indication - need more information
        • Explanation Refusal Reason - reason why vaccine not administered - we have a similar attribute in medication administration
        • Immunization Protocol - may be unique to Immunization
        • Immunization.date - in Medication Admin - called "whenGiven" - can we simplify to "date" - FHIR names are supposed to be more "human friendly" - so maybe "date when given"
        • Immunization.subject - we both point to patient resource, but need to harmonize name/definitions - recommend "patient"
        • Immunization.performer - both reference Practitioner resource - need to harmonize name/definitions
        • Immunization.site - same as MedicationAdministration.dosage.site - harmonize name/definitions
        • Immunization.route - same as MedicationAdministration.dosage.route - harmonize name/definitions
        • Immunization.doseQuantity - same as MedicationAdministration.doseQuantity - harmonize name/definitions
      • 2nd phase - won't be complete before Christmas - need to look at "similar concepts" but where they are modelled differently to determine how to represent consistently

Joint IHE Meeting

  • confusion of proposed dates
Action: Melva to email Michael Tan to confirm dates

Next meeting - January 13, 2014 - 4pm Eastern

  • Status of IDMP PSS
Action:  Melva to re-foward PSS to Hugh and Julie to complete