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20131112 SAIF AP ConCall

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SAIF Architecture Program – 2013-11-12 Meeting

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Meeting Logistics


  1. Role Call
  2. Agenda Review
  3. Update on transitioning to Ken
  4. Next steps

Meeting Attendees

X=Present on Call

Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) David Hamill
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Austin Kreisler TSC Chair
X David Hamill HL7 HQ / Program Manager
X Rick Haddorff Project Services WG / SAIF Pilot Coordination Pjt
X Michael Denny Mitre
X Lorraine Constable Composite Order Pjt / OO Behavioral Framework Pjt
X Patrick Loyd OO Work Group / Composite Order Pjt
X Ken McCaslin TSC Chair Elect
Alean Kirnak Cross Paradigm Project
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


Transitioning SAIF AP to Ken

  • Austin gave a brief overview of the history of SAIF AP
  • A major impact to the program is the bandwidth issue residing in MnM, as their project was a major driver for the project. The Artifact Definitions have sat in draft status for quite a while as has the Implementation Guide.

  • Why is the TSC the sponsor of SAIF AP project?
  • Division between governance, management and methodology; ArB is methodology.
  • Because SAIF AP is a program, consisting of oversight of many projects, it seemed the TSC was a logical owner. Plus, nobody else has stepped up to lead the project so it 'falls' to the TSC chair.

  • The ultimate goal of SAIF AP is to have an Implementation Guide for others to use/reference.
  • Recent progress has been made by OO and the Cross-Paradigm project.
  • Current focus is on the action items stemming from the Cambridge WGM.

  • Ken: An analogy is we're on the 5 yard line and 95 to go. The opposition has 15 defenders. Hence movement is slim to known.Bringing this to completion is going to be slim. Should we admit failure and move on?
  • Austin: Beginning next year, we should be able to get a big chunk of behavioral framework completed. However, once SAIF got out of the ArB, it's been difficult to have people work on it. MnM initially thought they'd be able to do so.
  • Lorraine: Once FHIR gets to DSTU, will there be people's time freed up? Neither Ken nor Austin felt so.
  • Ken has been working on getting new people/students into HL7; perhaps we target people that would have an interest in SAIF AP. The response is that a job description is needed.
  • Lorraine/Austin: It may be difficult to have a novice create the deliverables needed
  • Austin: Are we trying to re-energize SAIF AP or wrap it up?
  • Lorraine: Hate to see us wrap it up without capturing the items of real use that we've already accomplished. We are at a critical point of the work, where it can become visible to the organization. So how can we not lose what we've already achieved.
  • Ken: What does Lorraine need to make the work visible/useful to the organization?
  • Lorraine: We need more than just a technical writer; we need someone familiar with the work done so far.
  • Rick agrees that we shouldn't lose the opportunity to document what we've already accomplished
  • Lorraine: Perhaps look at the lessons learned and identify what items could be done by novices or people with some time to work on it.
  • Dave: FHIR occupied a lot of the SAIF AP resources. FHIR has progressed and has no signs of stopping. Perhaps we identify what items we want to complete so as to not lose what has been already done. Focus on Summarizing what we have got and identify what items we want to complete, then close out the project.
  • Austin: Let's plan for the next 4-6 months of what items can be accomplished. Let's target to wrap up at the May, 2014 WGM with the goal to produce a final document. The upcoming focus will be laying out the 'shutdown' of SAIF AP. Harvesting info from various sources; working with ArB and the projects; assessing the lessons learned from the Behavioral Framework.
  • Upcoming meetings will be Dec 3, 10, 17. Cancel the Nov 26, Dec 24, 31 call.

Adjourned 13:00 PM Eastern Time