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20130822 US Realm TF Call

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US Task Force/Content Review Team Agenda/Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#
GTM 414 809 453

Date: 2013-08-22
Time: 3 pm Eastern Time
Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) Lynn
  • Attendees
    • Woody Beeler
    • Keith Boone
    • Joe Bormel
    • Lorraine Constable
    • Jean Duteau
    • Ken Kawamoto
    • Paul Knapp
    • Austin Kreisler
    • Dale Nelson
    • John Quinn
    • Jacob Reider
    • Bryn Rhodes
    • Ken Rubin


no quorum definition



  • Review the HeD team feedback on the Content Review team (I’ve invited the content review team for that purpose)
  • Discuss Informative vs. DSTU question
  • Identify what changes are necessary to the various CDS project scope statements
  • Identify other next steps


  • Austin convenes at 3:03PM and reviews the agenda distributed with the meeting invitation
  • Austin spoke with Doug Fridsma this morning and he was to send a representative to speak on their requirements for DSTU.
  • KenK describes the feedback from the HeD team on the vMR-CDS Content Review Team Recommendations
  • Joint meetings in Cambridge: Review time for ITS scheduled at WGM Thursday Q3. OO, Templates, and SDWG/CQI discussed. Keith adds MnM/FHIR, Patient Care, Pharmacy, perhaps InM for DSS.
  • Document changes: questions reviewed and documented in Ken's document.
  • JohnQ suggests Chuck talk to Doug on the DSTU vs Informative question.
    • Jacob identifies himself and reports he has spoken to Doug. It is a preference by ONC for DSTU because of the path to normative. IF at this point it is better for the teams to work on this as informative with an eye towards DSTU in January that is acceptable.
    • Paul asks what January's ballot cycle means in the "medium term". It's a short ballot cycle punctuated by holidays. Turning the changes around for January will be a challenge.
    • Knowledge Artifact IG can still publish as DSTU, but its underlying artifacts may change significantly enough it may need to be balloted again. If they look at FHIR they may have to reballot everything again. Potential DSTU update may be feasible without reballot.
    • Keith has suggested a project with representation from WGs on the product architecture and where the different pieces go, along with the governing parts of the organization; Austin notes it would be standing up a product line. It should be considered by the US Realm Task Force.
    • Task force recommendations: Woody endorses the content review team recommendation and publish a summary of our efforts, explaining our goal to meet the objectives that Doug laid out.
    • Paul agrees, stating while several items are not correctly cast nor ready for DSTU but informative for now with commitment of ONC support to get this done for January.
    • JohnQ notes there should be particular note by ONC, the content review team, and the Task Force of this ballot and continue support for voting, reconciliation, and advancement of the process.
    • Austin summarizes we would support the content review team recommendation and need a supplement to the ballot announcement to the future intent. Woody suggests an annex to each of the four documents. Paul recommends that when the DSTU material comes out, the informative material should also be sunset. The DSTU ballot may also be delayed or out of cycle depending on the volume of comments in this cycle, which might not be known until early October. Austin would like to work with Ken over the next day to revise the PSSs to reflect what is agreed to. There's not an OOC ballot request likely needed if they're treated as delayed ballot open. He will put on the TSC agenda for Monday to approve for September 3rd open.
    • KenK asks if the content review team will meet next week. We probably don't need two meetings but the review team should be made available to answer questions as they make changes, or to validate changes before ballot open. KenK suggests we keep the appointments on our calendars and cancel by the morning of each date if not necessary.
  • KenK thanks the group from the HeD team perspective towards making this work.

Adjourned 3:58 PM EDT

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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