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20130814 US Realm TF Call

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US Realm Task Force Call Agenda/Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#
SAIC webex 592 347 806

Date: 2013-08-14
Time: 5 pm Eastern Time
Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) Lynn
Attendee Name

x Calvin Beebe
x Woody Beeler
x Lorraine Constable
x Tony Julian
x Kensaku Kawamoto
x Paul Knapp
x Austin Kreisler,
x Lynn Laakso
x Ken McCaslin
regrets Ron Parker
x Scott Robertson
no quorum definition



  • Administrivia
    • Review minutes of 20130807 US Realm TF Call
    • task force wiki
    • appoint an additional task force co-chair
      (Austin will be out next Wednesday as well as the first couple of weeks of September).
  • Status updates
  • Next steps
  • Items referred to task force by TSC
    • CDS PSS's
    • CDS Out of Cycle ballot requests
  • Review PSS for US Realm Product Line
  • Discussion of any content review team initial feedback
  • Next steps


  • Austin convenes at 5:04 with an agenda review. Move PSS discussion to top. Paul asks for discussion on what agenda time we would use at the WGM.
  • Administrivia
  • Status updates
    • Content review team up and running.
    • CDS project scope statements intended for ballot and corresponding OOC Ballot requests were postponed pending feedback from the content review team.
    • KenK reports on the content review team progress: they have started to address feedback provided yesterday. There is another review session scheduled Thursday.
      • Paul reports the datatypes issue was identified that much of the conflict would be resolved if they used Datatypes R2 and scope out the bits they don't want to use. Identifying the bits they don't use is a communication tool to the project team, reviewers, potential implementers etc. Paul sent him a datatypes.eap to use.
      • Lorraine reports on DAM content; regarding the vMR collection as a product family. May need to proceed with some elements and seek feedback through ballot.
    • Discussion ensued on continuing with two meetings a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
    • Lorraine notes that the Templates side has remained silent on their feedback. Paul remarks that informing the appropriate parties has occurred. These elements may feed into a communication plan.
    • Action: Austin needs to follow up with Kai on Templates and Ken Rubin on SOA to see if he has further issues. Vocabulary representatives have not responded either.
    • KenK reports they are addressing vocabulary binding through templates right now.
    • Action: KenK will schedule the next Tuesday calls after discussion with the Content Review team.
    • KenK displays their work on incorporating R2 Datatypes, expressing the overall goal, general approach and intent for their simplified modeling with the inclusion of an example used by BlueButton.
    • Paul expresses confidence they are moving in the right direction.
    • Status of the project scope statement
      • The big deliverable is defining the process for this, going forward. Calvin notes it may require some organizational changes.
      • The product family vs product line distinction was reviewed, where this would be a Product Line relationship. Woody notes there are multiple product lines - Lorraine adds there are multiple use cases. Lorraine notes there are multiple product families to be represented with V2, CDA, V3.
      • Calvin would like to see recommendations back to TSC or BOD on organizational structure changes in the PSS.
      • Woody relates the perception that US Realm uses Universal time/space for a lot of their work that the Affiliates perform in their own time/space. Relationship of this project/process to the overall operation of HL7 International should be considered.
      • Paul asks if the US Realm project portfolio is exclusively concerned with US Realm Products. Needs to manage interest of US Realm in projects that are not exclusively US Realm. Austin notes that this sounds like a US Affiliate operating within HL7 International, managing participation in UV realm projects. Paul suggests defining it softly, but larger so we can drive behavior based on the rules. If we constrain this to a group bugging projects to meet their milestones, and not segregation of resources away from International work to US Realm work.
      • Austin intends the scope of projects coming to ballot need to be refined and specified and not hidden inside larger projects with general scope; this group would review them as well. The Universal Realm work needs to be able to continue without disrupting the rest of the organization. Paul notes the project looks after US Realm interests, both the management of US Realm Products and the US Realm interest in a UV Realm product. Austin feels this goes beyond his idea of a Part time project manager to just review milestones and implies a set of governance processes that were not originally scoped. Lorraine suggests that may be something we step into. Ken agrees we need to get past this 'hump' first and then continue in the right direction. Paul notes that this PSS represents the organization looking out, not the perspective of the customer looking in.
      • Austin welcomes comments and edits to be discussed again next week (when Austin will not be available).
      • Ken listed himself as project facilitator but doesn't really have time. Lynn will make that a question mark. Austin would enjoy the irony of a Canadian member standing up to fill that role.
  • Next steps. Talk about PSS next week; content review team continuing work and will consider their feedback.

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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