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HL7 TSC FMG Meeting Minutes

Location: Phoenix (Palo Verde)

Date: 2013-01-16
Time: 19:00 PM U.S. Mountain
Chair: Lloyd McKenzie Note taker(s) Hugh Glover:
Quorum = chair + 4 yes
Co chairs x Hugh Glover x Lloyd McKenzie
ex-officio x Ron Parker, FGB Chair x John Quinn, CTO
Members Members Observers/Guests
Lorraine Constable x John Moehrke Lynn Laakso, scribe
x Jean Duteau x Brian Pech x Austin Kreisler
x David Hay x Grahame Grieve


  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Check
  • Minutes from 20130109 FMG concall
  • Administrative
    • Action items
      • Ron will try to schedule with Charlie to attend Tuesday Q2
  • Reports
  • Issues Arising
    • Agreement to support IHE Profiles
  • Precepts
    • Documents from RP
    • Costs
    • Fitting what we are doing on Wiki to precepts spreadsheet
  • Process management
  • Left-hand menu
    • Ballot Planning
      • When should we target?
      • What should we target?
      • Based on Austin's definitions, will we be DSTU-ready?
    • Reconciliation planning
      • How do we deal with remaining ballot items?
    • Developing FMG Management Methodology - see FHIR Methodology Process and FHIR Guide to Designing Resources
    • FHIR Design patterns - see FHIR Design Patterns
      • Prioritization of methodology elements
      • Process for "formally approving" guidelines and determining strength of enforcement
    • Ballot content review and QA process FHIR QA Guidelines
      • discussion continued
  • AOB (Any Other Business)


Opened 7:00 PM

Agenda approved DH/J-HD

Minutes of last meeting approved J-HD/DH


  • DH reported 12 people attended with 3 servers and 3 new people. The event could have had a bit more structure. Need to think about a section for newbies next time.
  • Agreement to have a Conectathon in May. It will have 3 tracks (Newbies/Experimentation/Conformance)
  • Next time might be a Blue Button (ie get specific records back on the basis of a specific call from within a record) based session.
  • GG argued for keeping development focus
  • RP concern about scale -
  • LM thinks it should max at 40 people
  • J-HD would have been happier to turn up if had known what was required more in advance
  • LM wants to provide more structure.
  • HG do we want learning or spec development support?
  • LM we need both. Exploration piece defined nearer the time.
  • J-D Blue Button may focus on less used parts of spec
  • GG conectathon are sessions for development of spec. Benefit is really in the prep beforehand
  • LM haven't exercised document / audit would be good to tie these together Anything else?
  • J-HD profiles and extensions?
  • GG no not yet done
  • LM ABBI or CCDA will use extensions
  • LM Summary
    • Saturday coding and prep - how does this work - overview orientation
    • Sunday - structured those ready can play the rest will get less support
    • Topic will be abbi or ccda experimental track ...
    • Room for 20 possibly 40
  • Mike Hendrson is keen to be involved
  • Remote access needs to be considered for next time


  • RP
    • IHE relationship. Discussion on eMail is on right track.
    • Disclaimer - some editing to be done. Organisational relations (esp IHE) passed up to TSC chair. Disclaimer has to go to legal for consideration. Patent concern also has been escalated.
ACTION: GG to provide statement of what is required from a patent position and edit disclaimer.


  • LM - all 6 methodology issues have been dealt with. Content will go into methodology pages


  • J-HD EHR-FM - went well.
ACTION: RP commit to translate EHR-sfm
  • GG need to deal with Security
  • Patient Care - John Farmer will provide strawman content for CarePlan resource
  • HG - Mobile Health - they will provide usage stats
  • Audit - need more support
  • HG - Anatomic Pathology - have been in contact - may be suitable for producing profiles

Agenda for next WGM

  • LM 2 categories of activity - lots of shared meetings with core tem / FMG also lots of meetings that committees doing work by themselves. Probably need to know what is going on in advance. Need to show where FHIR activity is happening.
  • LM useful to know when FHIR work across the board will happen
  • LM will do basic spreadsheet of FHIR joints - to be checked
ACTION: LMC publish slots to groups and ask what the requirement is


  • RP eMail discussion is adequate and will be actioned


  • RP - FGB is going to start working on iterating risks. Will then start constructing content. More discussion during joint on Friday AM

Ballot Planning

  • LM - Not May - Sept leaves little time for cleanup before January.
  • JH - Do we really need to go that fast
  • LM - Causes concern if we slip
  • General disagreemnt that it will be an issue
  • GG - change in balloting process / understanding means we will aim for September. Also concern about feeding conectathon issues into balloting.
  • LM - do we want a draft for comment in May?
  • GG - we are largely on top of balloting. If no draft for comment then what do we have as a test process?
  • HG - draft content for may ballot not sensible
  • LM - first cut of all resources and search criteria for May
  • HG - put plan to each work group
ACTION:  LM will put together an eMail about planning to each WG (include comment about PSS) and work.  Liaisons will pursue each WG
  • LM - will we look seriously at only 1 DSTU?
  • GG - prefer to anticipate 2
  • LM - but aiming for only 1
  • GG - can we add new resources after 1st DSTU?
  • AK - no it's scope creep - do several releases
  • LM - Left hand side will show several levels of DSTU (rel 1, rel 2, comment)

Left Hand Menu

  • Group said core group could sort menu as it saw fit


  • LM process is going well
  • GG electronic resolution will be applied for topics that are driven by FHIR directly

Topic for Next Meeting

  • QA is the main issue

Conf call

  • No call next Monday

Meeting adjourned 9:00pm

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