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2013-12-17 User Group Task Force Conf Call

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  • Update on Immunization as our initial UG pilot.
  • Next steps regarding the pilot.
  • TSC feedback
  • Do we need to change the meeting time?


  • John Hatem (Chair), Nathan Bunker, Mark McDougall (Scribe), Chuck Jaffe, Ken McCaslin,

Minutes / Discussions

  • Update on Immunization as UG pilot:
    • Nathan reported that yesterday the AIRA Board met and discussed HL7 creating a user group for immunizations. There were many positive comments and the board indicated that they wanted AIRA to work with HL7 on this new project. They have designated Mary Beth Kurillo, AIRA's Immediate Past president, to work me with the first steps. The next steps would be to hold an initial meeting between AIRA and HL7 to determine how this project can move forward. He requested that we schedule an initial conference call to discuss this.
    • Both AIRA and HL7 UG task force have questions / needs:
      • Engaged/active leader for this initiative (chair)
      • Communications (listserv, wiki, conference calling, webinars)
      • Face to face annual meeting
        • Co-hosted at the HL7 Plenary?
        • Co-hosted at an AIRA meeting
      • Identify what other activities are needed for this pilot through discussions with AIRA and HL7. How do we best get these two communities together?
      • What does HL7 do? What does AIRA do? clearly state each organizations responsibilities.
        • Is a MOU needed?
    • Nathan was asked to setup a meeting/conference call with a designated AIRA contact - Mary Beth Kurillo. His goal was to get this in the schedule over the next two weeks.
      • Chuck offered to participate, but did not think he was needed.
      • Mark added that all MOUs eventually require Board approval. In this case, he suggested that a small group meet with Mary Beth to draft a list of activities for possible inclusion in an MOU. He reminded the group that we are a task force that is expected to prepare recommendations for the Board’s consideration.
      • John suggested that he, Nathan and Mark participate in the initial call with Mary Beth to discuss how this pilot might best proceed.
    • Mark added that he will distribute a template for an MOU that we would likely need to formalize the relationship between HL7 and AIRA. Once this group and AIRA have drafted the activities, responsibilities for each party, we would seek HL7 Board approval of the MOU as part of the process for launching the user group pilot.
    • There was consensus that the UG pilot would not be a WG.

TSC Feedback

  • Ken shared concern that Austin has about the concept of RIMBA possibly becoming a user group. He added that there is a TSC process for dissolving WGs that would need to be followed if RIMBA were to evolve into a TF.
  • John reported that he has discussed RIMBA and the UGTF activities with Rene, who was interested in monitoring listserv but would not participate in the conference calls.
  • Ken asked if the TSC was expected to manage the UGs, or would it continue to operate under the Board’s direction. John responded that we need an infrastructure for managing the UGs. Currently, there was no assumption about who/what would take on those management duties.
  • Ken asked if a Project Scope statement would be drafted and approval sought within the ES, SD and TSC levels. Mark responded that he did not believe that this pilot would go through that process. Instead, the Board is relying on the UGTF to develop recommendations for the Board’s consideration and then to announce the pilot at the HIMSS conference.

Future Calls

  • Ken is not available on Thursdays. John is fine with keeping these calls on Tuesdays at this time. Regarding future meetings, John suggested that we cancel 12/24 and 12/31 calls, with plans to resume in January.

ADDITIONAL REFERENCE MATERIALS - Next Steps from November 19th call notes

  • Determine under what conditions do we launch the immunization users group pilot focus
  • Nathan said that AIRA will want to discuss this with the AIRA Board and with the CDC. Nathan added that this discussion may require up to a month.
  • Nathan believes he will get ~15-20 people on conference calls.
  • Regarding governance, Mark suggested that we appoint an acting Chair until the community is gathered and formal elections are convened.
  • Mark added that additional details are also needed, such as:
    • Alerting the HL7 Board of the HL7 Users Group TF decision to pilot the UG in the immunization space
    • Decision on the frequency of the UG calls/webcasts (e.g., monthly)
    • Launch a listserv and wiki
    • Game plan for an annual face to face meeting that may occur at an HL7 Plenary meeting in September 2014 or the October 2014 AIRA meeting
  • Karen suggested that it would be nice to have ~3 program topics identified that would help attract new members of the UG.
    • Nathan indicated that he could quite easily identify several topics that he feels would be valued by the community.
  • We need to talk to Mike Kingery to determine how we would collect the fees for people to join the HL7 users group.
  • We would need to develop plans for marketing the users group