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2013-11-12 User Group Task Force Conf Call

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  • Create Mission and Charter
  • Identify HUG pilot focus area


  • John Hatem (chair), Bonnie McAllister, Ken McCaslin, Mark McDougal(scribe), Karen Van Hentenryck

Minutes/Conclusions Reached

  • We have created a definition for HL7 Users Group (HUG):
    • A group of HL7 users (including both HL7 members and non-members) with common interests in implementing, rather than creating, one or more HL7 standards. HL7 User Groups will set their own agendas that may include common interests such as learning about or defining best practices to simplify and reduce the cost of implementation, exploration and identification of gaps in current standards that prohibit effective implementation, sharing lessons learned, hosting connectathons, learning about available HL7 enabled products, or other activities as deemed appropriate.
  • Create Mission and Charter – this work should include addressing surveying what other user groups are doing that may overlap with our intended HL7 UG. John referenced Mark’s earlier notes that provided three examples of alternatives for such a UG purpose:
    • Education and support for implementers
    • Identifying gaps or needs for more standards development
    • Nurturing a community of users organized by standards, topic or WG
  • Identify focus of the HUG pilot - HUG candidates include:
    • Mobile Health
    • Clinical Research
    • Structured Documents
    • Immunization
    • Meaningful Use
    • FHIR implementations
    • Laboratory
  • John asked how should we select the group for the pilot UG? Bonnie responded that we need to engage the group candidates to learn with groups are most interested and have the bandwidth to launch and support the pilot HUG.
  • Ken suggested that we pick one group, and then we can regroup and re-launch if the first group struggles. Ken added that he would support starting with immunization group since they appear to have a lot of activity and interest. Karen and Bonnie also support this group as our pilot group.
  • Ken suggests that we explore engaging a CDC immunization expert to endorse this HUG and possibly help lead the charge.
  • Mobile Health was identified as the likely back up group.
  • Ken added that we should plan now to launch them at HIMSS. John responded that he is supportive of rolling it out at HIMSS, but suggests that we limit it to one group and not two.
  • Next steps for finalizing immunization as the pilot group.
    • Speak with CDC and other immunization leaders to confirm interest
    • Brainstorm on framework parameters
      • Virtual versus face to face
      • Governance
        • Chair and co-chair
      • HUG membership dues versus registration fees
    • HUG Needs
      • UG wiki page to house agendas
      • UG listserv (perhaps with a designated listserv moderator)
      • HUG ambassador guidebook that provides insight to other communities with an interest in creating other HUGs
      • Social networking channels such as LinkedIn
      • Meetings
        • Virtual
          • Conference calls
          • Gotomeeting
        • Face to face meeting one per year
      • Election support for electing chair and co-chair
      • Meeting support
        • Registration with a different badge
        • Logistics (F&B, AV, meeting room)
        • Assume at an HL7 WGM
      • Limited to one day meeting - perhaps on Thursday or Friday of WGM week (Nathan suggests convening the UG meeting on Friday)
      • UG attendees would not be eligible to attend WGM tutorials or WG meetings
    • Ken suggested that we also consider enabling local subgroups to form by region.
    • Finances
      • User group dues pricing
        • HL7 members pay no fee to join the HL7 UG
        • Nonmembers of HL7 pay $100 to join the HL7 UG
      • User group meeting registration fees
        • Discussed a full day registration meeting fee of $200 for HUG members and $300 for UG nonmembers that also provides one year of HUG membership
  • Identify the metrics we want to use to measure success / progress of the UG pilot.
    • Satisfaction survey
    • Growth in number of HUG membership
  • John noted that he did not think that the HUGs will become revenue producers for HL7. Mark added that as the HUG communities gel and become active, it will help HL7 membership retention rates.
  • Next steps
    • Mark will draft a one page description of the HUG.
    • John will discuss Immunization UG with Nathan and Rob.