2013-11-11 Rx Conf Call

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  • Hugh Glover (Chair)
  • Melva Peters (Scribe)
  • Stephen Chu
  • Rob Savage
  • Christof Gessner
  • Scott Robertson
  • Julie James

List Serve Discussions

  • nothing to discuss

Ballot pool sign up change

  • see emails to the list related to the ballot pool signup change - must sign up before the ballots open
  • for this cycle - ballots open December 13 so signup closes December 12th

Joint Meeting with IHE

  • February (Vienna) or June (Portugal) - Doodle poll has been ciurculated
    • June is our preferred dates based on the Doodle Poll
Action:  Melva will let Jurgen know that June is the preferred date and there is a reasonable chance that there will be participation by HL7 Pharmacy - COMPLETE

January 2014 Ballot

  • NCPDP related topic and IDMP material - have been submitted
    • IDMP content has been sent to Don Lloyd
    • Scott working on content for NCPDP material
  • FHIR Content
    • need to complete ballot resolution by end of November and content updates by mid December
Action:  Melva to respond to Clem to participate in November 18th call - COMPLETE

September 2013 WGM Action Items

  • Project Review is only remaining item - DEFERRED TO NEXT MEETING

Summary of Template Discussion

  • Overview of discussion from Cambridge - DEFERRED TO NEXT MEETING
  • Review of Project Scope statement - DEFERRED TO NEXT MEETING

FHIR Ballot Reconciliation

  • Immunization/Medication Administration harmonization - Eric and John were to work on this
    • have a spreadsheet that includes content from two resources - plan to reconcile the two and produce a single spreadsheets that create a single core resource with some exceptions that will be used to create profiles.


  • Stephen participated on IHE Pharmacy call where Medication Profile
    • will be re-activate work on Whitepaper
    • interested on the topic, but likely strapped for resources
    • need to see the time table for the work
    • MTM CDA material would be good contributing material - may not be completely applicable as it is US centric, but is relevant
    • Christoff is willing to contribute by taking MTM material and generalizing it - we can take the US realm material and generalize it in a subsequent ballot
    • could try to provide some of the content to IHE Pharmacy - will have to wait until after it is balloted
    • Stephen will contribute to this work - HL7 Pharmacy asked that he feed back material to the list and seek feedback.
      • the white paper will be sent to the list for feedback
    • add to agenda as a standing agenda item for next few weeks
    • add to agenda for next WGM

Next meeting - November 18, 2013 4pm Eastern