2013-10-28 Rx Conf Call

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  • Hugh Glover
  • John Hatem (Chair/Scribe)
  • Eric Larson
  • Julie James

List Serve Discussions

  • No discussions on the conference call this week
  • Joint Meeting Request - IHE Pharmacy - February (Vienna) or June (Portugal)
    • Discuss further on upcoming call
    • Melva sent out a doodle poll to ask for preferences for the OOC meeting dates.
Action:  Melva to report on the results of the doodle poll. 

September 2013 Ballot Status

  • Med Order - DEFERRED
    • Request withdrawals - complete
    • Edits - no progress
    • Publication Request
  • Med Dispense - DEFERRED
    • Request withdrawals - complete
    • Edits - no progress
    • Publication Request
  • Medication CMETs - DEFERRED
    • Edits - no progress
    • Publication Request

Pharmacy CMETs

  • Publication Request - no progress -DEFERRED
Action:  Melva to reach out to Andy Stechishin to determine what is needed to publish CMETs

January 2014 Ballot

  • IDMP material
  • HL7 Version 3 Standard: Identification of Medicinal Products – Creation and Maintenance Messages, Release 1
    • This never went forward.
    • Hugh is still tracking the following action items.
Action: Hugh will check to see if the withdrawal was submitted to HQ
Action:  Hugh will submit NIBS for the IDMP projects

September 2013 WGM Action Items

  • WGM Effectiveness Survey - complete
  • Room Requests - complete
  • Minutes - complete
  • IDMP Project via RCRIM - this will be left to RCRIM - no further action needed
  • Use Cases for Compounded Meds - to SDWG - complete
  • Ballot comments for vMR Logical Model - complete

Harmonization Proposals

  • Jean Duteau has requested time to discuss the Nutrition and Drug Patient Preferences harmonization proposal. DEFERRED to NEXT MEETING

Summary of Template Discussion

  • Overview of discussion from Cambridge - DEFERRED
  • Review of Project Scope statement - DEFERRED

FHIR Ballot Reconciliation

  • John H met with PHER WG on their weekly call and reviewed the spreadsheet with Rob Savage.
  • PHER suggested that a subgroup of members from Pharmacy and PHER work on harmonizing the attributes in the Medication Administration and Immunization Resources. Using the initial spreadsheet as the starting point. Members who have volunteered are: Eric Larson, Joginder Madra, Hugh Glover and John Hatem.
  • A second action item was to create 'profiles' for Medication Administration and Immunization Resources. These are demonstration profiles only, and will be used to determine if this is the mechanism to create usable FHIR resource content for these overlapping areas.
  • During today's meeting the PHER meeting was discussed, and an approach was outlined for the next steps.
  • Review Clem's Ballot comments (not available due to furlough) - DEFERRED TO NEXT WEEK
Action:  Melva to send request to Clem for next week's meeting with a note that if he doesn't attend we will be disposing of comments in his absence  - COMPLETE


  • None

Next meeting - November 4th at 4pm Eastern