2013-10-21 Rx Conf Call

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  • Hugh Glover
  • Rob Savage
  • John Hatem (Chair)
  • Melva Peters (Scribe)
  • Terri Meredith
  • Wendy Huang
  • Julie James

List Serve Discussions

  • Joint Meeting Request - IHE Pharmacy - February (Vienna) or June (Portugal)
    • Discuss further on upcoming call
Action:  Melva to send out doodle poll to list asking for preference for OOC meeting dates - COMPLETE

September 2013 Ballot Status

  • Med Order - DEFERRED
    • Request withdrawals - complete
    • Edits - no progress
    • Publication Request
  • Med Dispense - DEFERRED
    • Request withdrawals - complete
    • Edits - no progress
    • Publication Request
  • Medication CMETs - DEFERRED
    • Edits - no progress
    • Publication Request

Pharmacy CMETs

  • Publication Request - no progress -DEFERRED
Action:  Melva to reach out to Andy Stechishin to determine what is needed to publish CMETs

January 2014 Ballot

  • IDMP material
  • HL7 Version 3 Standard: Identification of Medicinal Products – Creation and Maintenance Messages, Release 1
    • This never went forward
Action: Hugh will check to see if the withdrawal was submitted to HQ
Action:  Hugh will submit NIBS for the IDMP projects

September 2013 WGM Action Items

  • WGM Effectiveness Survey - complete
  • Room Requests - complete
  • Minutes - complete
  • IDMP Project via RCRIM - this will be left to RCRIM - no further action needed
  • Use Cases for Compounded Meds - to SDWG - complete
  • Ballot comments for vMR Logical Model - complete

Harmonization Proposals

  • Add Code to Act Reason - Wendy Huang
    • Wendy reviewed the proposal submitted by Canada

File:HL7 PHARM-CA201311-01 - Add code to ActReason.doc

    • discussion of print name to "Prescriber stopped medication for patient" and Description to "Prescriber informed patient to stop consuming the medication".
    • Motion to endorse the amended harmonization proposal - Moved by Wendy Huang and seconded by Julie James - Carried 4 for /0 against/2 abstain

Summary of Template Discussion

  • Overview of discussion from Cambridge - DEFERRED
  • Review of Project Scope statement - DEFERRED

FHIR Ballot Reconciliation

  • John took the spreadsheet created by Rob and tried to determine the superset of attributes that are needed to support both medication administration and immunization resources.
Action:  John will forward spreadsheet to the list for further discussion on the PHER teleconference this week.

File:MA2IMM jhRx.xlsx

  • Review Clem's Ballot comments (not available due to furlough) - DEFERRED TO NEXT WEEK
Action:  Melva to send request to Clem for next week's meeting with a note that if he doesn't attend we will be disposing of comments in his absence  - COMPLETE


  • None

Next meeting - October 28th at 4pm Eastern