2013-07-01 Rx Conf Call

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  • Hugh Glover (Chair), Scott Robertson, John Hatem, Terri Meredith, Julie James (Scribe) -->

List Serve Discussions

  • OOC follow up
    • Tom is following up with Jose – no news currently

Harmonisation Proposals

  • Action: Need to keep an eye on ActRelationshipType Revision as our materials make heavy use of act relationships and we would not want the hierarchy to change in a way that changed the semantics of our models. However, Notes say the proposal is likely to be withdrawn; check the final submissions.
Motion to submit an e-mail from Pharmacy WG that we have no issues with all Harmonisation proposals, with the exception of the ActRelationshipType Revision.
Proposed: Julie; seconded John
For: 4; Against: 0; Abstain: 0
  • Action: Hugh to send covering e-mail

September 2013 Ballot Task Review

  • Still a couple of weeks left before content submission.

FHIR Development

  • V2 Mappings
    • Mike Henderson has done some mapping from the FHIR Medication Prescription to V2.x – not sure which version.
    • Scott made some initial comments were that it looked reasonably good, but picked out one or two things that did not look right – for example “reasonForPrescribing is not ORC-16-OrderControl Reason…”
    • Action: Hugh will send Scott the mapping spreadsheet to make some more focussed comments for Mike.
    • Note: Request to FHIR to add which version of V2.x and which version of the RIM mappings have been made to.
  • FHIR Examples
    • There is a Discharge Summary which uses the “Prescription” resource when a Discharge Summary should use a “Medication Statement” resource.
    • Action: Hugh will investigate who has done this work and suggest that they change to use the “Medication Statement” resource.
    • Action': Hugh will circulate some more Pharmacy FHIR materials later this week; if anyone who can look over these and make comments this would be much appreciated.


  • None