2013-05-20 Rx Conf Call

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  • Hugh Glover (chair)

List Serve Discussions

Recap of WGM

FHIR Resources

  • FHIR Resource Definitions to Review
  • FHIR Terminology
    • Revised proposals for terminology bindings
    • Actual terminology in use in Pharmacy FHIR resources

September 2013 Ballot Task Review

Pharmacy CMETs Request to Publish

Recirculation Ballot of medication CPM CMETs

  • Comments from Austin aabout invalid dispositions

OOC Planning

  • Registration request from Michael Tan ([[1]])
  • Iso Documents from Michael Tan
  • Revised Agenda

Harmonization Proposals

  • Due 23rd June

PSS Review

  • Patient Care Allergy PSS - request to co-sponsor
  • Food and Allergy Preferences PSS - request to co-sponsor