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2013-01 PA WGM Action Items

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January 14, 2013

Action: Follow up with Peter Goldschmidt on any available examples of location type codes and their metadata (such as location code type, location owner, etc.) that can be shared with the PAWG, especially those involved in any Service Delivery Location efforts. Alex de Leon

Action: Follow up with Irma as to whether the Identity Document topic has implementers for this. If so, a new PSS needs to be created. If not we may need to withdraw. Line.

Action: Check with Alexander Henket to see if changes from Project 490 (registry Enhancements for Dutch Social Services-Youth Healthcare) were applied to the Person and Patient topics. Alex d.

Action: Ask Alexander H. whether the latest DSTU for the encounter topics includes consolidation of the items into one. In the normative 2012 edition, they are still listed as separate topics. This probably needs coordination with Irma for harmonization with Patient Care of the entire Encounter models. Alex d.

Action: Ask Irma what we can do with the implementation of the harmonized encounter model from Norway for the Encounter R2 topic.

Action: The WG voted to withdraw Project#s 359 and 360s (Provider and Organization Registries) projects. Now that there is renewed interest, we need to set new dates and deliverables. Vote to revive? Alex d.

Check with Alexander to see if the V3 PM CMETs went normative (Work Plan says Sept 2012 normative).

Action: Follow up with Irma to see if she knows anything about Personnel Management, Regulatory and Provider Registry Service topics and what the WG is to do with these. Send a general email to the listserve to solicit interest or knowledge of these topics.

Action: Retract Appointment and Slot topics. Find out which are normative and withdraw. Alex d.

January 15, 2013

Please see the FHIR Ballot Comment Spreadsheet for action items.

Action: The PAWG agrees that the FHIR core team should make a person description data structure, to be used in the Patient and Provider core resources, containing all the current person attributes. Additionally, there should be a patient.animal.species and patient.animal.breed within the Patient resource. Ewout

January 16, 2013

Action: to follow up with Iryna Roy to coordinate the update to the documentation as per the comments in the last ballot spreadsheet. Sasha Bojicic and Brad Fonseca

January 17, 2013

Action: Review release 1 and 2 materials for both Provider and Organization Registry topics and provide input for the May 2013 WGM in Atlanta. Brad Fonseca (Canada Infoway).

Action: Ask Don Lloyd what the WG must do in order to publish the identified Person and Patient topic CMETs in the next ballot cycle. Line.

Action: Validate with Irma whether the list on the Ballot website ( is the definitive list of CMETs to be updated based on the WGs updates of the Patient and Person topics.

Action: Validate with Irma whether these might be updated based on the work on Organization Registries work and whether there are Provider CMETs that might be effected by the Provider Registries effort by Canada Health Infoway. Line Saele.

Action: Conduct a gap analysis of the CMETs for Patient and Person (PHER vs PA). Alexander Henket.
Action: Schedule a joint session with PHER for May 2013. Line Saele
Action: Validate if the WG can create a project with the knowledge that there are no clear implementers. Alex de Leon.
Action: Contact the Pharmacy and Medical Devices WGs to see if they want to be listed as interested parties or sponsors. Line Saele.
Action: Contact InM to see whether this is more within their realm to sponsor. Alex.
Action: Alexander Henket to contact Christian Hay to get details on what his needs are. Failing that, Alexander will let Line know if he should be included in a future telecom.
Action: Ask Don how to move V3, Person, Rel 1 and V3 Patient Rel 1 to Normative.
Action: Review and confirm what we are to reaffirm based on max normative timeline (5 year). Alex d.
Action: Service delivery location to have a new PSS from Canada in May WGM. Brad Fonseca to follow up.
Action: Check May 2011 for any minutes decisions, motions on moving service delivery locations to registries. If intent, then we can leave it. If voted on, we can re-vote. Or we can follow through. Alex d.