2013-01-07 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Scribe)
  • Hugh Glover (Chair)
  • Brad Fonseca
  • Stephen Chu
  • Scott Robertson
  • Derrick Evans
  • Terri Meredith
  • John Hatem
  • Jean Duteau

Agenda for January 2013 WGM

  • We may need to have an interim co-chair for Phoenix due to commitments of existing co-chairs
  • Scott volunteered to be an interim co-chair
    • moved by Jean Duteau and seconded by Terri Meredith to appoint Scott as a interim co-chair for the Phoenix WGM
      • Carried 8/0/0
Action:  Add agenda item to Phoenix WGM to discuss the possibility of adding a 4th co-chair
  • We will work on May 2013 content for FHIR
    • we need to create 5 resources - prescribe/order, dispense, administration, medication statement, medication
  • if we don't create these, another group will create and we will review
  • we will work on through the week and on Friday - there should be enough attendance for most of the day
  • may have to consider an out of cycle meeting, but will discuss further at WGM

January 2013 Ballot

  • we will have quorum on all 3
    • CMETs - all affirmative - passed
    • Medication Order
      • 36 negatives/19 affirmative/37 abstain
    • Medication Dispense and Supply Event - passed
      • FDA negative - doesn't handle devices
        • we do handle this in our overview
  • Thanks to Scott for taking on publishing facilitator
  • will likely take 2-3 quarters to reconcile

FHIR Resources

  • MedicationDispense
    • substanceAdministrationRequest - need to look at order before we figure out how to handle
      • name should be "instruction" rather than request
    • SupplyEvent.code - should be part of resource - DISPENSE TYPE


  • Next meeting at Phoenix WGM