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HL7 TSC FMG Meeting Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#

Date: 2012-11-09
Time: 2:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Chair: Hugh Glover Note taker(s): Lloyd McKenzie
Quorum = Yes yes/no
ex-officio Members Members
Yes Lloyd McKenzie Yes Lorraine Constable Yes John Moehrke
No John Quinn No (regrets) Jean Duteau Yes Brian Pech
Yes Ron Parker Yes Hugh Glover (chair)
Yes Austin Kreisler Yes David Hay


  • Election results for FMG Co-Chairs
  • Establish call schedule going forward
  • Approve draft DMP
  • Review FMG Mission & Charter
  • First set of assignments from FGB:
    • FHIR ballot process management
    • Connectathon management
  • Other Points Suggested
    • WGM Agenda
    • FHIR Methodology where is it going to live (FGB, FMG, MnM)?
    • FMG Management Methodology


Election Results

  • No write-ins
  • Hugh got 1 more vote (from someone who didn't follow instructions :>)
  • Hugh has 2-year term
  • Lloyd has 1-year term

Call schedule

Monday 1pm Eastern works for everyone (didn't have a response from John Quinn) Hugh will set up a recurring GotoMeeting and will have Lynn send out a calendar entry


Adjusted DMPs to change quorum from "chair + 5" to co-chair +4 and eliminate "Representatives" requirement on the grounds that we don't have formal representation responsibilities.

Mission & Charter

  • Walkthrough by Ron
  • Some discussion around what methodology FMG defines vs. what MnM or the "methodology" group defines
  • Will discuss again soon

Assignments from FGB

  • Felt that we have the people/expertise to handle Connectathon and Ballot submission
  • Manage the logistics
  • David Hay & Brian Pech volunteered lead the Connectathon work
  • Lloyd & Hugh volunteered to help w/ Ballot submission
  • Both will put together a draft plan for review/vetting in a week, including consultation with "Core Team" members, Mike Henderson, etc.

WGM Agenda

  • Lloyd shared draft FHIR agenda for WGM - there are sessions Tuesday Q2 and Friday Q2 for FMG.
  • Request to move joint governance session from Friday Q2. Lloyd indicated that Thur Q2 might be an option if we can get a room. Lloyd will set up a doodle poll to see what works best for most people.

FHIR Methodology

  • FGB will be developing precepts which we will be managing to
  • Need to get MnM bootstrapped to develop methodology
  • We need to get liaisons in place with all of the groups doing FHIR work or with responsibility for FHIR artifacts and make sure they have PSSs in place and are tied into the FMG so we can share information and monitor their activities.
  • Hugh will get some initial thoughts onto the wiki as a starter for comment.