201209 Marketing Meetings

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This is the agenda of the Marketing meetings to be held in Baltimore, September 2012.

Monday Q4 Education/Marketing/Mentoring WGs

  1. Education WG is host, see their minutes for a full record of the meeting. Below are some informal notes relevant to marketing:
    • xxxx

Tuesday Q2 Marketing

  1. Survey
    • Rene: 500 surveys were handed out, some at the International Council meeting on Sunday, most during Tuesday's lunch.
  2. Update on the marketing plan
    • As defined by the marketing firm
    • Marketing plan (from an international perspective) should have 3 content areas:
      1. Marketing approach for countries without an affiliate
        • Create new affiliates, increase HL7 International membership
      2. Generic marketing strategies and product positioning
        • oriented to support all affiliates in their marketing effort
      3. US oriented marketing plan
        • oriented to support the US affiliate in its marketing effort
    • Impact of the recent "Free IP" decision
  3. Improve communication of marketing issues
    • Between CEO+MarketingFirm and Marketing Council (e.g. through CEO participation), and between HL7 Board and Marketing Council (e.g. a Board liason, or a Marketing co-chair reporting regularly to Board).
  4. EU office (Catherine)
  5. Ambassador programme
  6. Update on the University Outreach
  7. Product positioning
    • Rene: TSC is still in the process of defining 'product lines', based on differences in the products with regards to governance/management and methodology.
      • Marketing will have to liase with TSC regarding the 'end user' view on the HL7 products. There should be a pretty intuitive mapping between the (TSC defined) product lines and the products as defined from a marketing viewpoint.
    • HL7 v3 product positioning
    • FHIR marketing