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20120309 templates minutes

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Meeting Information

HL7 Templates Working Group Meeting Minutes

Location: Cyberspace

Date: 2012-03-09
Time: 3:00pm U.S. Eastern
Facilitator Mark Shafarman Note taker(s) Mark Shafarman
Attendee Name Affiliation
yes Shafarman, Mark Shafarman Consulting, Inc.
yes Heitmann, Kai HL7 Germany
yes Stechishin, Andy
yes Curry, Jane Health Information Strategies Inc
yes Gower, Corinne HL7 New Zealand
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


  1. We need to update the following Templates WG entries on Project Insight as follows: a) The Templates Registry project needs to be closed (# 611), as we no longer have volunteers to complete it. b) The updated Templates DSTU, now called the Templates Interchange Format DSTU (#272) needs to have the dates updated (and the minutes from the appropriate WG meeting updated to show that it was approved by the TSC). Mark has volunteered to do this. c) the Templates ITS project needs to be updated as agreed in this meeting (see attachment), and then "socialized" by the other WGs . It needs to be approved by Foundations, and then the TSC. John has volunteered to do this. d) the Templates ITS project should be considered a subproject of the Templates Interchange Format DSTU. e) There is a new template ITS Pilot subproject, a pilot version of the templates ITS that will support the bidirectional interchange of CDA templates created by the Lantana Consulting Group, and those created by the MDHT project.
  2. There was a motion by Jane Curry that the Templates ITS Project be considered a subproject of the Templates Interchange Format DSTU, and that the Templates ITS Pilot Project be considered a subproject of the Templates ITS Project. The motion passed unanimously (4-0-0, with four in favor, and with no abstentions, no negatives). These will need to be linked accordingly in Project Insight. John has volunteered to follow up on this.
  3. Mark has updated the current Templates ITS PSS section 4d to include the subproject mentioned above, and also, a second subproject for a Pilot Editor for Templates. # Kai will review the text for the second subproject. Kai also mentioned that DECOR is also used as the basis for a clinical modeling repository, as well as linking the provider requirements to both templates and standard vocabulary bindings. This is similar to the goals of both CIMI and the ISO DCM project (as well as the HL7 PatCare Template Project). DECOR also supports both open and closed templates (but only about 2% of the templates are 'closed').