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2012-11-26 Rx Conf Call

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Tom de Jong (Chair), Hugh Glover (Scribe), John Hatem, Scott Robertson, Brad Fonseca, Julie James, Steven Chu, Derek Evans

List Discussions

  • Allergies
    • Steven summarise: Differention of allergies/adverse reaction/intollerance, but difficult to deal with the separate concepts in practice. John stressed how hard it is to distincguish in practice, but still important to separate adverse reactions from the others. Continuing discussion on Patient Care list - of interest to Pharmacy though we are not leading.
    • Tom pointed out that this discussion arose because there was a separate allergy model raised in Structured Documents.

January 2013 Ballot

  • Progress check
    • Scott thinks everything got done and submitted

FHIR Resources

  • Hugh showed the current published medicationAdministration resource as it will be in the January ballot.
  • Next week we will continue with resource development by looking at the MedicationDispense resource
Hugh to make sure materials from Baltimore discussions are circulated.