2012-11-12 Rx Conf Call

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  • Role Call
  • Agenda Check
  • List Discussions
  • Administration Items
  • January 2013 Ballot Progress
  • FHIR Status


  • Hugh Glover (Chair)
  • Julie James
  • John Hatem (scribe)
  • Scott Robertson
  • Stephen Chu
  • Melva Peters
  • Tom de Jong
  • Grace Clifford

List Discussions

  • no discussions this week per Tom d


  • Melva Peters suggested withdrawing the existing Medication Release 1 Pharmacy project.
    • It was moved by Melva - seconded by Scott to withdraw the Medication Release 1 project.
    • Carried 6/0/0
  • Hugh provided a brief update on the Datatypes R1 and R2 taskforce findings. No action items for Pharmacy. Essentially there are now published procedures for how to deal with the current datatypes that are in use. The taskforce findings have been communicated via email. Suggest contacting Hugh Glover if you have any specific questions.

January 2013 Ballot

  • Melva and Hugh discussed publication of Medication Statement. Melva stated she would follow up with Jean Duteau to clarify the ballot status of Medication Statement.
  • Scott Robertson stated he is working on the publishing action items and is following up with Jean Duteau.
  • Hugh Glover reported he is working on a diagram that is part of the ballot.
  • Scott stated he would contact Don L to discuss any open issues regarding this ballot.

FHIR Status

  • Hugh reported he is now a member of the HL7 FHIR Management Group
  • Hugh stated that the Pharmacy WG is due to provide content on our first resource - Medication Administration, for the January Ballot
  • Discussion followed - Stephen Chu asked why Administration was our first FHIR resource as opposed to Prescription. Hugh responded that Pharmacy decided to address the "simplest" pharmacy resource to start with and address the others after we had increased knowledge about the FHIR process.
  • Questions were asked about the existing pharmacy resource that was created and is present in the current FHIR ballot materials. This material is expected to be replaced by the Pharmacy WG "prescription" resource after we have developed it.
  • The format for documenting FHIR resources is:
    • UML diagram
    • XML snippet
    • Vocabulary definitions
  • Hugh provided a view of the UML diagram created from the Medication Administration RMIM and Pharmacy FHIR Administration Resource spreadsheet that was developed in Baltimore.

Next meeting

  • Monday, November 19, 2012
    • call is at 4pm US Eastern Standard Time