2012-10 Out of Cycle Meeting - Paris

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Pre OOC Action Items

Action: schedule work on teleconferences in advance of OOC meeting (Melva) - COMPLETE
Action: Invite Marco to upcoming call to review IHE paper (Tom) 
Action: Work group members to review IHE paper and Stephen's paper - email sent to list with link - Sept 14, 2012 - COMPLETE
Action: post White Paper and Stephen's presentation and link to our Wiki page - email sent to list with link - Sept 14, 2012 - COMPLETE

Day 1 - Joint with IHE Pharmacy

  • Introductions
  • Attendees
    • IHE
      • Juergen Brandstaetter
      • Jacqueline Surugue
      • Michael Tan
      • Marc Robberecht
      • Eric Poiseau
      • Leonidas Tzimis
      • Simon Letellier
      • Jose Costa Teixeira
      • Stephen Chu
    • HL7
      • Tom de Jong
      • Melva Peters
      • Jean Duteau
      • Nicolas Canu
      • Hugh Glover
      • Julie James
  • Review agenda
  • Strategies for increasing adoption and deployment of both IHE and HL7*
    • Tom presents the layers of interoperability
        • XDS, AORTA, ...
      • Messages, CDA
      • Data model, Terminology
    • CONCEPTS (hard to standardize by HL7 or IHE)
      • Semantics, Glossary
    • Action Items:
New Joint work-item: "Standardized content"- Agree on a common data model for e.g. Prescription and subsequently decide if to change/enhance profiles - Jürgen, Tom
  • Medication Profile
    • Review of Stephen's presentation
      • Terms have to harmonized in a glossary in context of their usage
      • Glossary will be done during shaping the definitions
      • Use-cases shall be created and shall come from a wide community
      • Parallel to the work on the hierarchy/definitions a second work-item will be worked our bottom-up and which describes data-sources and the according nature of the data as well as related aspects necessary to provide the data needed by the other work-item
      • The term "reconsiliation" has two meanings:
        • 1) Matching data with reality (e.g. by asking the patient) = MEDICATION RECONCILATION
        • 2) Finding the right future medication by considering the past medication and clinical situation of the patient = MEDICATION REVISION
Stephen will consolidate the slide deck and combines the terms in the hierarchy with the definitions formerly sent. Will send to both groups when done (within 2 weeks)
Jacqueline, Stephen, Melva, Leonidas will provide use-cases, Michael reviews - Will determine if Teleconference is needed before use cases are created
Jose takes the lead of the second work-item. Approved that work on this work-item may start immediately.
  • Pharmacy CDA Mapping Project
    • Introduction of project
      • Primary goal: Mapping of HL7 Pharmacy Message Types information elements to suitable CDA R2 information elements
      • Second goal: Stylesheet for automatic generation
    • Interest in following or participating?
      • Collaborative work implicitly given by work-item "Standardized content" and following work-items
      • Extend CDA Schema (for IHE Pharmacy) will be provided to Tom and Michael
      • Suggested tool for mapping: Altova MapForce (or similar)
Michael will check if NICTIZ could provided resources for doing the mapping
  • Status of Glossary Project
    • Marco and Derrek Evans have worked on it
    • No information about the current status
    • Expected end of the work-item can not be estimated because work on it is on hold at the moment
    • Discussion of use of SKMT - should be used as a source of terms and definitions, but not necessarily as a tool to capture glossary at this point.
  • ISO plans a new work item "Drug dictionary" - what is our standpoint?
    • A small group will prepare a proposal for the "Requirements of a drug dictionary"
      • Not clear if an international or national drug dictionary?
    • it was decided that we would wait for the proposal to be published
  • Automation Document (France)
    • Frank Gener sends PHAST document: "The Functional Interoperability Framework for Automated Systems Integration in Electronic Medication Management Processes"
    • Document has been put on Wiki page and on SVN for future reference
  • Next meetings
    • IHE
      • F2F meeting in March 18-19, 2013 at Arsenal-IT, Treviso, Italy
        • Pharmacy WG will consider joining IHE and meet on March 19th - space will likely be available for subsequent OOC meeting - Jürgen: Will contact Claudio if it's possible and inform HL7 co-chairs
      • F2F meeting in June 11-12, 2013 at Nictiz, Den Haag, Netherlands
        • Pharmacy will consider if OOC meeting is necessary in June
      • No F2F meetings are defined for Fall yet for IHE
      • Invitation extended to IHE Pharmacy to join in HL7 Working Group Meetings

Day 2 Pharmacy Workgroup OOC

  • Attendees:
    • Hugh Glover
    • Tom de Jong
    • Jean Duteau
    • Michael Tan
    • Melva Peters
  • Q1 and Q2: Ballot issues and withdrawal of negatives
    • Medication Order
    • Medication Dispense and Supply Event
Review Domain Model walk through - Tom
put the pickup request pair back - Jean
Trigger events - to be updated - Melva
Review interaction - Jean
Encoded order model - Hugh
Check storyboard numbers - Hugh
Detected medication issue to be republished as a CMET - Jean
  • Q3: Medication profile
    • Need ability to retrieve distinct building blocks/elements (or combination)
      • Rx
      • dispenses
      • statements
      • administrations
    • Ability to update records
      • status changes
      • new rxs
      • statements
      • Need to confirm if there are things we don't support
        • link of statements of rxs, dispenses, etc
        • assertion of "truth" or validity
    • Ability to create a point in time snapshot
      • data structure with a context
      • List class - Med List
        • author
        • date/time
        • location
        • Id
    • Ability to query "snapshot"
Tom to document introduction/discussion
Need to look at previously balloted Medication Query (May 2007) to determine if we could use 
  • Q4: Ballot Preparation
    • Need to close down 5 JIC projects - Hugh
    • Submission of NIBs - done
      • Pharmacy CMETs
      • medication Order
      • Dispense and Supply Event
Confirm with Scott - CDA MTM
Confirm with Gerald - SOA

Day 3 Pharmacy Workgroup OOC

  • Attendees:
    • Hugh Glover
    • Tom de Jong
    • Jean Duteau
    • Melva Peters
  • Q1: Review of Medication Dispense Material
    • see action items under medication order
  • Q2: Pharmacy CDA Mapping Project
    • Hugh and Tom worked on a mapping using Altova MapForce
    • it was agreed that this would be useful to continue doing this work
  • Q3 & Q4: FHIR Medication Administration Resource model in UML