2012-10-08 Rx Conf Call

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  • Tom de Jong (Chair), Hugh Glover - Scribe, Scott Robertson, Stephen Chu, Julie James, John Hatem

List Discussions

  • Addressing Meaningfull Use 2 (MU2) issues on Med. allergies - Stephen, Tom
    • Stephen sent forwarded eMail on MU2 that originated in Structured Documents to Pharmacy because he was concerned issues were not being discussed in the correct forum.
    • MU2 is completly US centric; and is a document/CDA based standard
    • Scott felt this was not Pharmacy issue
    • After further discussion and agreed that Pharmacy and Patient Care shoudl have a shared discussion. Phoenix iss probably too late. John suggested shared conf call might be better?
Stephen to raise as item on Patient Care conf call then draft eMail to Structured Docs to suggest a joint effort.
  • Modelling not before/preferred date - Alexander Henket, Joginder Madra, others
    • Agreed that This is not just a vaccines issue - Chemotherapy and Radiation also offer examples.
    • Noted that adding an observation criterion is the solution that has been accepted.
Hugh will write up as a wiki page (as noted last week)

HL7 Caregiver Program

  • Agreed that all of our projects would benefit from more input from clinicians, especialy if they wrote up use cases for what they need.
Tom will draft response to eMail and circulate to people currently on call.  Stephen suggested being more directive and focussed - ask for specific expertise

OOC Meeting

  • Joint meeting with IHE Pharmacy
    • Noted that we still have no further agenda details from IHE.
    • Stephen and Julie both intend to dial into the meeting.
  • Out of Cycle
Hugh will draft a more detailed agenda by next Tuesday.

January 2012 Ballot

  • Scott is working through the ballot prep

Next meeting

  • Monday, October 15, 2012 at 4pm Eastern cancelled because of no co-chairs available
  • Monday October 22, 2012 also cancelled because most people will be at the out of cycle meeting.