2012-10-01 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair, Stephen Chu, Jean Duteau, Hugh Glover, John Hatem (scribe)

List Discussions

  • Effective time
    • “Preferred”
    • “Range”
Hugh will capture the definitions in our Pharmacy Implementation Guidance wiki section  

OOC Meeting

  • Planning
    • NCTIZ Meeting
    • Joint meeting with IHE Pharmacy
    • Out of Cycle

January 2012 Ballot

  • withdrawal of negatives / ballot preview
    • Discussion centered on what ballots have passed and whether we have any outstanding negatives to be withdrawn.
    • Jean D stated that all negatives have been withdrawn for Medication Statement and Medication Order
    • (Jean please confirm this is correct)
    • Hugh G stated that all negatives from Austin Kreisler have been withdrawn.
    • Still open – Common Order and Common Dispense
Melva will follow up with Scott R and Austin regarding ballot withdrawals.

Teleconference Agenda Posting

  • discussion of requirement to post agenda at least 24 hours in advance - if not posted teleconference is automatically cancelled

FIHR project

  • Discussed conversion of Dispense into a FHIR resource
  • Melva send out the latest version of the spreadsheet that documented our FHIR decisions for Medication Administration.
  • The meeting continued to work on a new Pharmacy Resource for Medication Dispense. Hugh displayed the current Medication Dispense RMIM and Melva updated the spreadsheet to include decisions about what content from the RMIM should be in the Med Dispense Resource. See updated spreadsheet for the work that was accomplished during the call on the Med Dispense Resource.
  • We did make an assumption during this meeting that we would treat the ‘participations’ on the Medication Dispense in the same manner as we did with Medication Administration.
  • Reinforcing comment: Resources include those things that all or most systems do support.

Next meeting

Monday, October 8, 2012 at 4pm Eastern