2012-07-23 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • Jean Duteau
  • John Hatem (scribe)
  • Scott Robertson
  • Tom de Jong

List Discussions

  • Tom reported on Wendy’s email regarding code sets and terminology related issues. These items are still open and Wendy was going to discuss them at the next Term Info call on August 1. Any information from that call relevant to Rx will be brought back to pharmacy for discussion and input.
Action Item:  Melva will add the follow-up as an agenda on the August 13 mtg.  The expectation is that Julie will be back at that time to help with the discussion and resolution. 
  • FHIR email discussions: General discussion on the work that Pharmacy needs to do to clarify and assure we have clear definitions for prescription order, dispense order, dispense event, administration event, medication statements, etc. This list of items that we need to define is not exhaustive but only illustrative.

Pharmacy IHE Call related to Medication Profile Definition

  • Tom reported on the recent meeting and stated that the group agreed that 2 groups need to be created that are focused on ‘bottom up” and “top down” approaches to the issues relevant to Medication Profiles. This groups would not be divided into and IHE group and an HL7 Rx group. Membership in each group can come from any combination of either IHE or HL7 folks.
Action Item:  Tom will share the timeline and requests for participation in each group.

OOC Meeting

  • Melva reported that HL7 has approved the meeting.
  • We all agreed we need to work on the Agenda. We need a timeline for getting the agenda completed.
  • Tom sought input on those interested in attending the NICTIZ event prior to the OOC. Ask Tom for details.

Medication Statement Service Project

  • John H reported that two meetings were held and updates to the Medication Statement Service document were made and sent to publishing for ballot. Hugh and John H both contributed to the last two meetings and answered all open questions to date that fell in Pharmacy’s area.
  • No future calls have been setup as of July 23, 2012.

Ballot Materials

  • Jean D suggested we push our current planned ballot content out to the next ballot cycle.
Action: Melva and the co-chairs to discuss and inform HL7.   

Clinical Statement Project

  • John H reported that he attended and contributed to the completion of the Pharmacy input into the CS model during the CS meeting on July 9. Rik S will be updating the spreadsheet and sending out the current document. At this time we have no new action items.
  • Rik stated that CS will discuss whether they will create new work items for CS to incorporate various changes into their models.



Next meeting

Monday, July 30th at 4pm Eastern Daylight Time