2012-06-25 Rx Conf Call

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• Hugh Glover (Chair) • Julie James • Tom de Jong • Jean Duteau • Derrick Evans • Scott Robertson • John Hatem (scribe) • Marco Demarmels

List Discussions

  • IHE and Rx division of labor for addressing Medication Profile, Medication Management requirements and modeling
    • Tom led the discussion which resulted in the suggestion for the formation of a smaller sub-group with contributions from HL7 Pharmacy and EHR, and IHE Pharmacy. Marco volunteered to setup the meetings for the subgroup. One of the goals for this group will be to bring back a suggested approach for reducing or eliminating the confusion between HL7 and IHE Pharmacy interested parties on what each of them will work on.
Action item:   Marco stated he will use IHE to setup the meetings. 
  • SVN Use – Hugh reported that we do need to create some additional materials for educating folks on how to use SVN.
  • CS comparison to RX content – CS has reached out to start working the issues with Pharmacy. The spreadsheet was sent out on the CS list server. Jean stated he could attend the June 29th meeting this Friday. John H cannot attend the Friday meeting.
Hugh volunteered to check and see if he could make this meeting. 

Vocabulary Discussions

  • Duplicate Print Names for the following concepts. These codes may be associated with actReason or actCode.
    • Intolerance
      • After a review of the two duplicate names and the definitions, the decision was to change the print name for one of the concepts to ‘suspected intolerance’
      • Julie has an Action Item to contact Wendy H and provide Pharmacy’s guidance – change the print name for one of the concepts to ‘suspected intolerance’
    • Out of Stock
      • After much discussion this issue remains open. Julie will review the definitions and we will discuss this display name at next week’s meeting.

Pharmacy EHR Profile Ballot

  • Scott reported that the PSS was approved.


  • Marco reported they are making progress.
  • Derrick is also continuing to spend time on the glossary work.


  • None

Next meeting

  • Monday, July 2nd at 4pm Eastern Daylight Time