2012-06-11 Rx Conf Call

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  • Tom de Jong (chair)
  • Melva Peters (scribe)
  • Hugh Glover
  • Julie James
  • Stephen Chu
  • Tim McNeil
  • Jean Duteau
  • Derrick Evans

List Discussions

  • Question - existence of V2 message
    • has been answered
  • Last Dose time
    • Tom to respond to this question on the List
    • This question arose on StrucDocs List, but should have been forwarded to Pharmacy
    • Tom is following StrucDocs and CCD Lists to filter out pharmacy related topics
    • Should be included in our implementation guidance
Tom will add a hot topic wiki page
Include on the agenda for next weeks call

Review of Vancouver WG Meetings

  • Minutes
    • Minutes have been posted
Melva will post a note to the list asking for input for Monday Q3 and Q4 to complete the minutes
  • IDMP Ballot Reconciliation
    • Hugh will plan times for reconciliation discussions (so Japan can join) - Still open
    • After the calls, he will bring results to Pharmacy WG for a final vote.
    • Quorum may be a challenge, so outcomes will not be voted on during calls.

FIHR project

  • on the TSC call - had no problems with the FHIR project, but not approved until FHIR Governance Committee is up and running
  • Could schedule a call to start the work
  • Will need to submit formal requests for resources to the FHIR Governance Committee
  • We need to make a start on the work
Action: Jean will set up a call and doodle poll to find a time that works
  • When the resource is created - will need to do the RIM mapping as well as other mappings

Nutrition Orders Project

  • confirmed that TPN is not in scope for the Project
  • is this something we need to look at in our models?
    • Yes, if nutrition does not cover
    • TPN regimen can be described
Action: Julie to start Hot Topic on Extemporaneous Products with sub-topics for TPN, Intravenous, etc on Wiki on how to use CPM to describe

Pharmacy EHR Profile Ballot

  • Questions from TSC - was tabled on today's TSC call
Action: Melva to reach out to Scott to get PSS updated and material to the TSC

Medication Profile Project

  • PSS has to be reviewed
Action:  Melva to update the PSS for review on next call
  • Need to make sure that we do not have inconsistent outcomes with IHE Pharmacy and HL7 Pharmacy
    • Tom and Stephen will be following
Action: Melva to update PSS - Title; wording around new requirements to existing models; create message
  • We discussed the need to divide the work with IHE Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy will work on Static models
    • IHE Pharmacy will work on reconciliation
Action: Stephen to find out when is IHE Pharmacy having their discussions and post to the list
Action: Tom to look up minutes of joint meeting in Paris - division of work
Action:  Tom will check with IHE about the agenda for the meetings


  • Jacqueline (IHE Pharmacy/France) has added french definitions
  • Tom has an action item to meet with Marco

IHE Joint Meeting

  • Joint day with IHE on October 24th
  • Pharmacy OOC meeting on Oct 22/23
Action:  Tom will confirm with IHE Pharmacy that there will be room for HL7 Pharmacy to meet in Paris for the 2 days
  • We should make the request to HL7 TSC for a meeting - minimum of 3 days and maximum of 5 days

Common Product Model

  • Ballot reconcilliation meetings (Hugh)
    • 2 major issues arising
      • tag names can change on schema generation
      • There will be a discussion on next O&O call
      • hope that Woody and others will attend to discussion tooling
    • Datatypes R1 vs R2
      • significant body of implementers who may be forced to change to R2 as HL7 is publishing all specs in R2
    • Pharmacy WG members are encouraged to join O&O Call


  • None

Next meeting

  • Monday, June 18th at 4pm Eastern Daylight Time