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2012-05-31 Tooling Call

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Tooling Meeting Template

Meeting Information

HL7 Tooling Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Location: Phone: +1 770-657-9270;
Participant PassCode:586935#
GoToMeeting URL:

Date: 2012-05-31
Time: 10:00 am EDT
Facilitator: Andy Stechishin Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name, Affiliation
. .
x Woody Beeler, Beeler Consulting
x Wilfred Bonney, HL7 HQ
x Joshua Carmody, HL7 HQ Tooling Administrator
Lorraine Constable, HL7 ES liaison
x Jane Curry, Co-Chair
x Walter Grant
x Tim Ireland, Co-chair
x Lynn Laakso, HL7 HQ Tooling Support
x John Ritter, EHR
x Andy Stechishin, Co-chair
Quorum Requirements Met (co-chair plus 3 counting staff): yes


Agenda Topics

Supporting Documents


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:
Andy calls to order at 10:06 AM EDT

  • Roll Call & Agenda Review
  • Approval of previous minutes from 2012-05-03 Tooling Call
    • Jane moves approval; Lynn seconds. Vote: Approved 6/0/2 - John Ritter and Tim Ireland abstain
  • Review action items -
    • Woody has no progress on 1998
    • Andy has no progress on 1453
    • Josh is still working on 2003
    • Jane reports that her items 1992, 1997, 2097, 2212, 2213 are in progress. Funding requests process is under discussion today for 2212 and 2213 with John Ritter on the call; she sent a draft to John Quinn - she shows the proposal in order to obtain feedback today. The proposal is for the portion of the tooling strategy for trialing the new process for funded projects using the EHRS-FM and MAX projects. The elements of the Tooling Strategy for defining coordination with other Work Groups, and specification of criteria for tooling project selection and prioritization is still outstanding. MAX is struggling on identifying CIC resources to contribute.
  • Recap from WGM
    • Update on Tooling Challenge - Jane reports that SparX indicated they will offer the award annually, and HL7 needs to make a big splash at the Plenary to announce but cannot award by Baltimore. SparX would like OMG involvement in reviewing the UML profile; OMG participation to be determined. Woody notes that our static models are not typically reviewed by OMG. SparX has been hard to communicate with the right levels. HQ is working through legalese on the award. Andy asks if HQ will be responsible for coordination with OMG. Jane thinks there may be some agreement to work out - Tooling WG is not authorized to negotiate with OMG directly. It must occur at a higher level. It was pointed out to Karen and John that this SparX request for OMG involvement needs to be followed up upon.
    • new HEART Project - Jane
      • see HL7/OHT Collaboration on HingX
      • HEART is being renamed to HingX - pronounced hinjects or 'hinge-ex' - for Health INGenuity eXchange. Alpha release presentation from Tooling demo is part of WGM minutes. Discussion forums and collaboration capability is being added, with community features to "like, follow, and use" and email notifications. A full search engine and indexing of assets with bulk load from zip archives and svn repositories also added. Join up by signing an agreement with a set of principles and create an organizational profile. Jane would be the community convener with HL7. Work Groups within HL7 would get set up under the HL7 community. Jane shows two presentation PDFs (Introducing HingX Alpha Program.pdf, and Alpha Term Sheet 05292012). She has a draft "HL7 Participation in OHT HingX Project Scope Statement.doc" which she will send to the list. She seeks Publishing cosponsorship. Woody would like to clarify IP implications, retaining ballot content where we have it internally but understanding what metadata is loaded in the batch data upload. Jane would also like to include Templates as cosponsor. Wilfred clarifies that this project is the representation of the Shared Artifact Repository. Woody suggests that Templates can review tomorrow.
    • V3 Generator migration strategy - Woody added a link on V3 Generator Status 20120531 to the agenda. It addresses Canadian Generator Update and status. Target for Generator was MIF 2.1.6. He describes incorporating the Canadian changes into the universal generator and combined publishing tool.
    • Eclipse platform architecture - Derived Static Model Designer Architecture - Woody describes the wiki page as a follow up to the May 2nd call and also describes its intersection with an RFP for CIMI submitted to OMG. It will be in effect a UML profile we can use. A couple vendors have already committed to supporting this profile on behalf of CIMI. He has yet to review the RFP. Grahame challenged the premise. Woody asserts we need a common reference model and MIF 2.2 is the one that we have. There's new content coming along that is not yet there but MIF 2.2 is the basis for XML source and output format. Premises reviewed, including the assertion that graphic elements should use MIF instances for graphic diagrams. Jane notes that the consultant they talked to Ed Mercks reviewed this page and is aware of Woody as the contact for questions. Tim put out a post on the Tooling list on a white paper published in EU journal - Andy suggests he post a link to the Wiki. See whitepaper entitled Implementing an HL7 Version 3 Modelling Tool from an Ecore Model from 2009, published in Studies in Health Technology and Informatics journal at It is also available from B2i site - Tim notes that it addresses some of the questions raised on the wiki and proposes an architecture for such a tool. Woody will review the papers.
  • Being over time on the call, Joshua asks if we could review the quote for GForge annual support and hosting service and vote on the project PI# 804 GForge alternative assessment. Motion: Jane moves we accept the quote Joshua sent to the list and close the project. Woody seconds. Vote: Unanimously approved.
  • Sort order configuration in GForge issue tracker - See FHIR Resource Request - not pressing; relates to display order of columns. It appears the only way to change this is if we send for request for enhancement. Wilfred cautions that changes to source code can break other customizations. Woody suggests you make it the resource category - dot- resource name and use that for the primary field display. Use it for something meaningful rather than not using it at all. Wilfred suggests if we can get him on the call we can discuss interactively. Woody will reach out to him with this option and invite him for next week for further discussion.

Meeting adjourned 11:15 AM EDT

Meeting Outcomes

  • Woody will reach out to Lloyd with the option for the GForge tracker use and invite him for next week for further discussion.
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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