2012-04-30 Rx Conf Call

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  • Hugh Glover (chair)
  • Melva Peters (scribe)
  • John Hatem
  • Scott Robertson
  • Julie James
  • Jean Duteau

List Discussions

  • none
  • Mobile Health - may need to consider having a discussion at some point

Vancouver Agenda

  • Review of agenda
    • There are some items that we will not be able to do
      • Tuesday Q1 - SOA update - Gerald will lead this, but move to later in the week
      • Tuesday Q2 - Joint meeting
        • not likely any CPM issues that will come up
        • None of the EMA resources will be in attendance
        • Hugh will reach out to Hans and Gunther
      • Wednesday Q1
        • no one will be in attendance with experiences
        • we will handle IDMP ballot reconciliation
      • Wednesday Q4 - review of IDMP - drop
        • Clinical statement
          • early in the week - have a discussion
          • Hugh will work with Rik to suggest possible time slots (Monday Q3)
        • Thursday Q3 - join with Clinical Statement
        • FIHR - Friday Q2 - Lloyd and Graeme are available
        • review agenda and move some items around (so chairs are not over loaded)
      • Friday - may not be able deal with work items
        • Glossary - check with Marco and Derrick to see if either will be attending*Discussion of co-chair coverage
  • Interim co-chair
    • Moved by John Hatem - seconded Jean
    • 5/0/0 - Carried


  • FIHR - both Lloyd and Graeme want pharmacy resource definitions within FIHR
  • will happen whether there is a Pharmacy project or not
  • should be involved so that we know what is being developed
  • FIHR material has moved over to HL7 Wiki
  • draft for comment ballot for this summer - methodology
    • a lot of what is on Graeme's blog at the moment - more formalized
  • DSTU ballot for January 2013
  • want pharmacy resources in this
  • IP issues are solved and will be working on the governance issues at Vancouver WGM
  • Sunday tutorials
    • Q3 Intro and Q4 Technical - now open again
  • Concerns about the work continuing without input from Pharmacy
  • Need assurances that Pharmacy WG will be able to go back and provide input
  • Hugh will respond to Lloyd and Graeme - Pharmacy wants to be involved
    • will include discussion of PSS


  • No discussion

IHE Joint Meeting

  • Approximately October 22nd
  • Tom trying to confirm the exact date
  • Location - likely to be in Europe


  • Scott - PSS for EHR profiles and will distributed
  • September Ballot
    • Medication Profile
    • Pharmacy EHR Profiles