2012-04-23 Rx Conf Call

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  • Tom de Jong (chair); Hugh Glover (scribe); Julie James, Scott Robertson, Marco Demarmels

Work Group Health

The group expressed gratitude to Melvaa Peters for so effectively being our administrative concience and making Pharmacy one of the two healthiest work groups in our division. See http://hl7tsc.org/wiki/index.php?title=Work_Group_Health for details.

List Discussions

Nothing to report

Project 240 - Dosage Instruction

Motion: Project 240 should be withdrawn and the material preserved for potential future use.  Proposed Scott, Seconded Julie.  

Passed 3,0,1

Vancouver Agenda

  • Hugh told group neither he nor Julie would be attending the Vancouver meeting.
Scott to look at agenda in advance of next week to check for any issues in providing co-chair cover for Hugh's absence
  • Clinical statement session
Action item:  Hugh will coordinate with Rik Smithies a CS – Pharmacy session. 


  • Structured Documents
  • Open session planning


Hugh to follow up with MnM to express our interest and convey why Rx needs more MnM work before we can proceed.    



Marco has checked progress. Most HL7 definitions are now done.

Tom and Marco will ensure Dutch translation is done before Vancouver 


  • SOA

Hugh said it had been a very constructive discussion and that a summary was about otbe ciurculated. He felt a discussion/presentation in Vancouver would be worthwhile.

  • IHE Joint Meeting

Tom raised question of when to next have a joint with IHE. There are dates for IHE meetings in May and June but these are probably too soon.

Tom will circulate eMail asking for views