2012-04-16 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair – Melva Peters
  • Scribe - John Hatem
  • Hugh Glover
  • Gerald Beuchelt
  • Julie James
  • Jean Duteau
  • Garry Cruickshank
  • Derrick Evans
  • Tom de Jong

List Discussions

  • No discussions

Allergies & Intolerances PSS

  • General discussion about whether Pharmacy should be a co sponsor.
  • Tom and Julie spoke to why we should be a co-sponsor – there is pharmacy related content that we have domain knowledge about and we should contribute that knowledge to this effort.
  • The work in that group is to essentially create a DAM, and then RMIM and address the requirements for Allergies and Intolerances content.
    • Motion by Garry C to approve Pharmacy as a Co Sponsor in this project. Seconded by Tom de Jong Vote: Opposed: 0 ; Abstain: 3 ; For: 4. Motion passed.
Action Item:  Melva said she would send out the PSS.   This was completed.

Ballot Prep

  • General Ballot Issues - no issues were discussed
  • Normative Edition - Hugh suggested that we add a “note” to the Medication Statement Query RMIM diagram that makes it clear about it use in both Medication Statement and in Medication Administration. The payload is identical for both queries.
Action Item:  Jean D  said he will make that change.  All agreed this is not substantive.  
  • IDMP – no issues were discussed

Vancouver Agenda

  • Clinical statement session
    • Jean D has updated the Pharmacy DMIM with several issues that we have identified in our analysis of the CS model vs Pharmacy models.
    • More analysis is underway and we will have sufficient work completed by the Vancouver mtg, that it warrants a CS meeting.
Action item:  Hugh will coordinate with Rik Smithies a CS – Pharmacy session.
  • Structured Documents
    • Tom confirmed that we will meet with Structured Documents, but the Agenda is still open.
  • 4 Work Sessions open for WG meeting Pharmacy discussions.
    • Hugh raised the issues that we should discuss what topics are most important for these time slots.
To be discussed on next weeks call.


  • General discussion about the PSS.
  • There are several questions about the details in the PSS and that they need more clarification e.g. definitions of ‘resources’, etc.
  • The consensus was that there is interest by Pharmacy in participating but that we have concerns that we may be too early in the process and that we need more MnM work to be completed, e.g. what is a resource? , and other work that sits within HL7 that we can draw from in the Pharmacy FHIR PSS. We acknowledge that some of this content exists external to HL7 – Grahame’s blog.
Hugh to follow up with MnM to express our interest and convey why Rx needs more MnM work before we can proceed.    

Action Items

  • Glossary – Derrick reported that he has been working on the Glossary and has made recent changes.
Tom will contact Marco and ask him to join our upcoming meetings


  • None