2012-03-12 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Hugh Glover; Scribe - Tom de Jong

Julie James; Melva Peters; Scott Robertson; Jean-Henri Duteau; Marco Demarmels

List Discussions

  • Use case for ORP message from V2
    • Scott confirms that ORP is used as a form of accept acknowledgment of OMP. The fact that most of the segments from OMP can be echoed back seems quite meaningless, since they will contain the same data that was in the OMP (as opposed to RDE, which has updated/encoded data). Conclusion is that it will not be necessary to have an equivalent of ORP (and similar acknowledgments) in V3. Tom will send this conclusion to the list to draw out any objections.
  • Storyboard for encoded order
    • Melva will send text to Scott. Scott will look at it and respond.

Out of Cycle Report


Ballot Prep

  • Republishing/Normative Edition Update
    • Done!
    • Introduction has been updated. Melva will move the section about the Medication domain to the Wiki (to be added to the CPM materials later), and just leave a reference to the CPM.
    • Hugh is almost done redrawing the storyboards.

IDMP Ballot Reconcilliation

  • Hugh will work his way through IDMP ballot reconciliation next week.

Action Items

  • Glossary
    • No activity this week, but work continues. Leave on agenda for follow-up.
  • Project Review
    • Motion that was moved and seconded via e-mail (for removal of project 247) is approved 6-0-0.
  • Clinical Statement
    • Waiting for John to send out some further documentation.
  • Vancouver agenda on wiki
    • Hugh to do that.
  • Medication Statement definition
    • Tom to complete.


  • None.