2012-02-20 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Melva Peters; Scribe - Julie James; John Hatem; Hugh Glover; Scott Robertson; Jean-Henri Duteau; Marco Demarmels

List Discussions

  • Medication Statement definition

The Services Project spent time talking about how the Medication Statement actually worked – so do need the definitional work

Out of Cycle Planning

Basic agenda on the wiki, with a link sent out on the list. Attendees are encouraged to review this and to comment as necessary. Various folk have tasks in advance of this meeting – hopefully folk can get these done and ready. This should include checking back to the Minutes of the OOC in Paris to pick up things from then that were parked.

Currently 7 people are expcted to attend.

Harmonisation Proposals

Six more proposals have been posted.

  • CPM 24 Reconstitution procedure

Proposal to accept John, Seconded Hugh Motion carried: For 5 Against 0 Abstain 0 (have lost Scott by this point)

  • CPM27 Medication Physical Characteristics – deferred until next week.
    • JH: add some examples to the parent concept domain to show how the child domains (including this new one) work

Action Items

  • Glossary
    • no activity this week, but work continues. Leave on agenda for follow-up
  • Republishing/Normative Edition Update
    • Is work to do – check next week.
  • Project Review
    • 245 - Patient Medication Contraindication Query - Release 1
      • Not needed yet, as not being started yet.
    • 855 - FIHR in the Pharmacy Domain
      • Tom has comments – these can be made to the PSS before it goes to SD.
    • 856 - Medication Profile Definition
      • Melva has sent this to the list, so we will review it on next week's call. John asked about how this will relate to the institutional requirements being dealt with at the OOC; since we haven't considered medication profile considerations in any of our topics to date, we can consider it out of scope for this OOC.
    • 857 - Pharmacy Use cases to determine how our requirements can be met in CDA
      • Deferred as Tom not on the call
  • Clinical Statement
    • Waiting for John to send out some further documentation
  • Vancouver agenda on wiki
    • Hugh to do that

NCPDP/HL7 MTM CDA project scope statement - Scott

The Steering Division thought primary sponsor should be Pharmacy, and Structured Docs agree. The main work is being done by folk in NCPDP, and they plan to do the majority of ballot reconciliation work as well. The first template should be available for ballot for May – NIB has been submitted according to Don, but not sure who would have submitted that, as PSS not finalised. Is mainly a US realm standard although trying to make it more generally applicable. The government office who is interested in this was originally thought to require this to come from Structured Docs but it now appears that as long as it comes from "HL7" that would be OK.

Hugh would like a clear statement in the PSS that this is primarily a US realm standard, as well as having the implication in the Project Need. Scott will address this.

Scott proposed (with the amendment as discussed from Hugh) seconded by Jean Henri Motion carried: For 6 Against 0 Abstain 0

Action: Co-chairs – add in reconciliation time for this to the May/Vancouver Pharmacy WG Agenda

IHE Medication Profile/Pharmacy Functional Profile

  • SVN information has been sent out.
  • and a page for the medicatin profile exists.


  • Each WG to have a tutorial - update from Roundtable
    • AMS was suggesting that every WG is able to offer a tutorial on its standards – not that it should have one running, but that it has one available and have speakers capable of teaching it should there be a demand – and that this should be a Work Group Health measure. Education SIG is still discussing this so currently is not decided.
  • Need for implementation guidelines for specific topics (like infusion administration).
    • Need to put these on the wiki – so trying to keep track of this. There is a CDA IG template/guidelines but not sure if there is a general one. CGIT might be the group that would be responsible if there was. If there isn't such a template, can we do whatever we want? Probably should reach out to CGIT to see what they have (if anything).