2012-02-13 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Hugh Glover
  • Scribe - Scott Robertson
  • Julie James
  • Marco Demarmels
  • Melva Peters
  • Jean Duteau
  • Derrik Evans
  • Tom de Jong
  • John Hatem


  • List Discussions
    • Patient Care Allergy/Intolerance Project - Request to co-sponsor
Tom - Pharmacy asked to be co-sponsor.  No objections/dissent 
    • Medication Statement definition
really started last year with question from Scott to Julie.  Issue is "statement" vs "list" vs "history" in domain introduction
"statement" definition implied, "list" and "history" have defintions
one thought to change all "list" to "statement" ... but that doesn't work
alternative: have definitions for all three.  Tom will draft definition(s)
  • Out of Cycle Planning
    • Agenda planning
Hugh asked all to RSVP by end-of-week (2/17) for planning purposes
  • Harmonisation Proposals
    • None this week, but 4 next week and 4 the week after
noted will have items for review next week
  • Action Items
    • Glossary
      • Julie will do a first rough pass through the list putting suggested definitions in place as the prefered ones
      • Tom will translate alll remaining Dutch content
no activity this week, but work continues.  Leave on agenda for follow-up 
  • Republishing/Normative Edition Update
    • eMail from Don about March 4th deadline
    • Jean will reach out to Hugh and Tom for some help
Jean clarification:  March 4th is deadline for request to publish - this is done (Don knows).  Content deadline is 3/18.  Tom - we should include some time at OCC for review.
  • Planning
    • Review 3 year plan projects for potential start date -
Melva - need general start dates for these projects
      • 241 - Generic patient-Related Pharmacy Query
tied to IHE project.  Sept 2012 start date.
      • 245 - Patient Medication Contraindication Query - Release 1
connects with IHR Pharmaceutical Adviser.  No immedicate plan in HL7.  Jan 2013 start date, Melva will draft PSS
      • 855 - FIHR in the Pharmacy Domain
Needed to hold back until FHIR set up.  PSS exists, Hugh will forward to Steering Division.  Start date May 2012
      • 856 - Medication Profile Definition
has started.  new model requirements.  May 2012
      • 857 - Pharmacy Use cases to determine how our requirements can be met in CDA
Tom will draft PSS.  show May 2012 start date
  • IHE Medication Profile/Pharmacy Functional Profile
    • Medication Profile page on Wiki
    • Use of SVN (eMail from Marco/Tom)
Marco suggested using SVN to manage document development.  
Tom included suggested "rules" to work by when using SVN.
no dissention on this approach  
Hugh will create a wiki page on using SVN - 
  • Hot topic page on Wiki (Hugh)
Hugh did a demo of the [Category:Pharmacy_Hot_Topic Pharmacy Hot Topic page] and how to create a new Hot Topic.
  • Clinical Statement
Ongoing discussion between Johna and Rick (didn't catch last name) regarding comparison of Clinical Statement and Pharmacy models
Intent is to demonstrate that the Pharmacy models are derivable from Clinical Statement.
Tooling is an issue - need to send requirements to tooling WG for "model comparator".
For now, continuing with manual review
Add agenda item to continue monitoring this work.
  • Calendar Page on Wiki
Scott - found that it is not simple to create formatted calendars with HL7's wiki version 
Hugh - consider calendar list rather than formatted with boxes.  Also, always easier to copy someone else's wiki work
  • AOB
    • Vancouver agenda on wiki? (Hugh) -
Hugh suggesting a wiki page to accumulate topics for Vancouver agenda.  
Hugh will set up with "standard WGM agenda wiki format", we can add new requirements in the notes/comments column
Suggested to have a general topic area - a place to list topics when it's not clear which day/time is appropriate.
    • Each WG to have a tutorial - update from Roundtable (Hugh) -
    • Vote for technical correction in HL7 v2.8 (see earlier message from Hans Buitendijk).
Hans B sent a request for Pharmacy to endorse a technical correction in v2.8 Chap 4A.  RDE_O11 structure was not updated for RDE^O25.  Agreed by acclimation that this is a technical correction.
    • Need for implementation guidelines for specific topics (like infusion administration).
    • (Added to agenda) NCPDP/HL7 MTM CDA project
Scott - Updated PSS sent earlier.  
Main issue is which WG should be primary sponsor.  Stuctured Documents was primary on earlier PSS - but no approved by Steering Division in San Antonio.  
Tried joint StrucDoc + Pharmacy.  too many complications with this approach
StrucDoc thinks Pharmacy should be primary.  
Asking Pharmacy to accept as primary sponsor, with understanding that team will develop product, manage ballot, etc - will bring work to Pharmacy for review & approval.
Out of time for today's call - add agenda item to next call to approve PSS.  
(Comments for tweaking the PSS welcome)