2012-01-30 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Melva Peters
  • Scribe - Melva Peters
  • Hugh Glover
  • Julie James
  • Marco Demarmels


  • List Discussions
    • RCRIM PSS -ve vote (Hugh) - deferred to next week
    • US Realm PSS concerns (Hugh)
      • Hugh raised some issues about a PSS -
        • the only place it is documented that it is a US realm project is in a check box at the end of the PSS
      • suggest that it be called out in context so that everyone is aware
        • there can be issue where a standard is developed as a US realm project and then becomes more international in focus
        • Hugh will follow this through and will continue to monitor SD votes for the month of February
  • Out of Cycle Planning
    • Approvals from HL7 Norway - expect approval by Tuesday, Jan 31 - followup with Line
    • Approvals from TSC - approved at today's' meeting
      • we need to submit meeting notice by next week to give 30 day notice
    • include on agenda for next meeting to finalize
    • Agenda planning
    • Presentations for Day 1
    • preparation of materials
      • review of storyboards
  • Action Items - Deferred to next week
    • Services project
    • Glossary
      • Julie will do a first rough pass through the list putting suggested definitions in place as the prefered ones
      • Tom will translate alll remaining Dutch content
    • Vocabulary - mapping to SNOMED
      • review outcome of Julie's discussion with Vocab
  • Republishing/Normative Edition Update - Deferred to next week
    • Jean will reach out to Hugh and Tom for some help
  • IHE Medication Profile/Pharmacy Functional Profile
    • discussion of creating a project for this work - no project is need at this point.
      • Pharmacy WG will contribute as needed
      • Marco asked permission to include Julie and Tom as contributors - not an issue
      • it is possible that the top down approach could feed into a Pharmacy EHR functional profile although it will depend on the final output.
    • discussion of tooling requirements - no tooling requirements
    • Medication Profile page on Wiki
  • Hot topic page on Wiki (Hugh) - Deferred to next week
  • Clinical Statement - Deferred to next week
  • Calendar Page on Wiki - Deferred to next week
  • AOB
    • Vancouver agenda on wiki? (Hugh) - Deferred to next week
    • Each WG to have a tutorial - update from Roundtable (Hugh) - Deferred to next week