2011-12-19 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Melva Peters, Scribe - Hugh Glover, Vassil Peytchev, Scott Robertson, Julie James, Tom de Jong, Marco Demarmels

List Discussions


  • Nothing to report

Updates to Medication

  • To be discussed in San Antonio

Dose Form

Julie will create a Harmonization Proposal
John H to add to Action item list

Action Items

Ballot Progress

  • Still some issues with CMET links - Don is resolving

Agenda - San Antonio

Tom to issue another update and to check that HQ have loaded the correct version
  • Friday meeting
    • Hugh has canvassed views on meeting on Friday in San Antoinio and there has been insuffiecient support
    • Hugh suggested a virtual OOC to take this forward - discuss in San Antonio

Out of Cycle Meeting Minutes - review and sign off

  • Melva has cleaned up and reposted

Tom moved to accept OOC Minutes, Scott second 5 for 1 abstain 0 against

Items with little or nothing to report

  • IHE Medication Profile White Paper
  • Ballot prep for May 2012
  • Services project
Hugh will find out what is happening?
  • Clinical Statement Comparison to be progressed in San Antonio

Joint Glossary

First question is if the tool is adequate? Marco had been asked why we weren't proposing SKMT - the answer is because SKMT is not appropriate for engaging in discussion, but is likely to be a long term repository for finalised definitions when the discussion is over. Melva reported using Google spreadsheets on a large pspreadsheet over 6+months with several peopel without problem. There was generral agreement that the tool was adequate.

The second question was how to manage to process. Currently the 3 co-chairs and the Vocabulary Facillitator (currently Julie) have write access. Submissons for revisions should be made via the list server for anyone who does not have write access. The Vocabulary Facillitator should manage the final concensus and is the final arbitrator. The first review of progress should be at the WGM.

Julie will do a first rough pass through the list putting suggested definitions in place as the prefered ones
Tom will translate alll remaining Dutch content
Marco will check that Melva does have write access