2011-11-21 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair and Scribe - Hugh Glover, Melva Peters, John Hatem, Vassil Peytchev, Julie James, Tom de Jong, Scot Robertson, Tim Buxton

Ballot Progress

Jean-Henri has both Medication Statement and Knowledgebase Query under control. The latter is causing some issues with tooling which Lloyd is looking at. Hugh is finishing off IDMP content.


hData Project Scope Statement

The revised PSS provided by SOA was briefly reviewed Motion to approve: propose Joihn Hatem, second Julie James (6,0,0)

RPS Scope Statement

  • Hugh expressed concernt that in his view much of the business process covered by RPS has a very close correlation with the process covered by the IDMP Creation and Maintenance topic.
  • The general sense of the group was that while Pharmacy WG provides a home for IDMP it is not central to Pharmacy's area of expertise. As such we should place an affirmative vote while noting that we still have concern that RPS and IDMP overlap to a greater degree than anticipated in the PSS.
Melva will respond.

Design patterns

  • Hugh raised this as a topic mentioned during Harmonisation and gave a brief introduction. More detail can be found on the MnM wiki at Identifiers_IM_Design_Pattern and its parent page.
  • This was seen as an especially relevant discussion given the ongoing review of Cliical Statement
  • Discussion focussed on:
    • The extent to which patterns are useful if they are only "best practice" rather than being formally enforceable
    • The relative characteristics of "Design Patterns", CMETs and patterns like Clinical Statement
  • The discussion was continued during the Clinical Statement review later in the agen da.

Clinical Statement Comparison

John Hatem reported on his review of the Clinical Statement against Medication Order. A separate report from John will follow. Some key areas of concern are the different CMETs used for apparently similar prurposes and the difficulties in comparing models (especially act relationships) and identifyling if one model truly is a valid unrolling of the other.


  • Julie reported that the Pharmacy proposals presented had passed without difficulty and as had most of the IDMP topics - the one outstanding item was still generating email in the search for a solution.