2011-11-07 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Melva Peters, Scribe - Hugh Glover, Scott Robertson, Tom de Jong, John Hatem, Vassil Peytchev, Ana Estelrich, Julie James

Republished Ballot Content Status

  • Jean-Henri needs the last set of ballot reconcilliation spreadsheets.
Hugh will find the ballot spreadsheets and load to SVN

IHE Medication White Paper

No one has had time to follow this through or to provide Use Cases. Ana would like to use material presented by Tom and by Julie at the Paris OOC meeting. Both were happy for Ana to do this.

Harmonization Proposals

The following proposals were reviewed and commented on where noted. They were then approved Proposed John Hatem, Seconded Tom de Jong for 6, abstain 0, against 0

  • Regulation Policy Act Type
  • Therapy Relationship Type
  • Disease Category
    • Discussion confirmed that such a classification was required and that given the "Observation" mechanism this seemed the only obvious solution even though not one that anyone particularly liked. The group hoped that the harmonisation discussion might reveal a new and even better solution.
  • Disease Qualifier
    • The mechanics of initial submission to Harmonisation failed so this will have to wait until February
  • Indication Type
  • Issue
  • Name Parts (Update)
  • Regulatory Services Location
  • Reason Act Relationship

Project Scope statements

  • Clinical Statement

This was reviewed and approved. Motion to approve Hugh, Tom, (7,0,0)

  • hData

SOA have just reviewed the hData project and a revised version will be issued for discussion