2011-10-31 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Tom de Jong
  • Scribe - Melva Peters
    • Marco Demarmels
    • Vassil Peytchev
    • John Hatem
    • Jean Duteau
    • Hugh Glover
    • Garry Cruickshank
    • Julie James
    • Derrick Evans
    • Mead Walker

Notice of Intent to Ballot

  • Drug Knowledge-Base Query - submitted
  • IDMP - submitted

Republished Ballot Content Status

  • changes have been made, but having problems with PubDB
  • Jean to reach out to Don Lloyd and confirm if we can publish other material on ballot site

Mailing List Topics

  • V2 topic - Scott - still outstanding
Action: Tom will reach out to Scott
  • "posology" question - IHE Pharmacy List
    • need to reach some agreement on the HL7 side
    • needs to includes both dosage and timing/interval
    • John suggested that a list of definitions are compiled and/or current status of the topic and bring back to an upcoming meeting
  • Formal description of business architecture/workflow
    • this was taken back to IHE Pharmacy
    • no further action from HL7 Pharmacy
  • IDMP issues
    • alternate materials - anyone with comments - please respond to list
  • Role Class Ontological
    • topic was posted to MnM, Vocab and Pharmacy
Action: Jean to reach out to Julie and then take to MnM

Common HL7/IHE Pharmacy Glossary

  • see e-mail from Marco Demarmels about Standards Knowledge Management Tool
  • Marco has reached out to Heather Grain about SKMT
  • could Pharmacy use this
  • Heather suggested that HL7 should apply for the roles
  • need HL7 International to apply for the roles
  • perhaps a demo would be useful
  • reach out and get some information on the SKMT tool
  • IHE is also maintaining a glossary
  • in the short term, Marco will gather and maintain a combined glossary in a spreadsheet
  • determine how to bring concepts to the group and get consensus
  • look at SKMT as a tool to do maintenance
  • Marco and Tom will discuss how to proceed with moving glossary forward
  • demo of SKMT - there are videos
Action: Marco will send link to the demos

OOC Meeting

  • Pharmacy Notes - Melva
 Action: please forward any comments/update to list
 Action: include on agenda for next week
  • HL7 Newsletter article - Tom
    • has been distributed

Project Scope Statements

  • Clinical Statement Project
    • Melva has forwarded to the list
    • need to determine what the scope is - there may be changes to both clinical statement model as well as to our models depending on what is found
Action: Melva to update and post - for discussion on next weeks meeting
  • SOA
    • expected that the PSS would come back to Pharmacy - has not been sent back to us
Action: include on next weeks agenda

Ballot reconciliation

  • still outstanding
  • nothing further has been received
  • needs to be resolved by the time the ballot opens

Action Item List

  • John reviewed the action items
    • Medication Knowledge Base Query - reballot - can be closed
    • register CPM Cmets - Hugh - still open
    • review semanticsText overhaul - Jean - open
      • coded element - harmonization proposal put forward, but withdrawn
      • Jean will discuss with Rene
      • no model changes at this stage
    • storyboard change - knowledge base query doesn't support storyboard
      • re-introducing grouper element to make characteristic element - model has been changed - Jean
    • contact VA re ballot comment - Hugh has contacted, but has not received feedback
    • dose syntax timing - EVL - Tom
    • Implementation Guidance for name parts - Hugh - open
    • Contact Bob Dolin - open
    • review ballot dispositions for "consider for future use" - add to Action Item list
      • assigned to John
Action: Hugh to forward ballot reconciliation spreadsheets to John
  • should John review teleconference minutes and add action items to list -
Action: co-chairs to discuss if this should be done and process

Clinical Statement comparison

  • John compared using the CS vs Pharmacy DMIM
  • our DMIM may not be in sync with RMIM
  • review items identified and check against our RMIM
  • John will take Medication Statement and Administration DMIMs and compare - will determine what needs to be done next
Action: members should review and determine what needs to be done
Action:  include Clinical Statement resources in the discussion and then create issue list
Action: Tom to review the detail list that John has developed and provide feedback via list

IHE Medication Profile White paper

  • Propose Use Cases as and when we find them.
  • Review on 7th November
Action:  forward any use cases to the list to include in the discussion next week


  • Harmonization Proposals
    • have to go through O&O
    • have been circulated to the list
  • needs to be endorsed by pharmacy
Action: Julie to send package to the list with outstanding topics.  
Action:  Please post comments
  • join O&O conference call on Thursday
  • if there are no strong objections - assume endorsement from Pharmacy