2011-10-17 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Melva Peters, Scribe - Hugh Glover, Tom de Jong, Jean-Henri Duteau, John Hatem, Julie James, Ana Estelrich, Derek Evans

Republished Ballot Content Status

  • Jean Henri still to do a desktop publish and then John Hatem to do a QA review. Probably all done in next 2 weeks.
  • Qu there is a set of reconcilliation - they look complete but don't know where they came from.
Jean-Henri to ask Rob, copy Hugh in - Need to check that proper reconcilliation has been done?
Jean-Henri to give Don Lloyd a heads up for publishing

Mailing List Topics

  • V2 topic - Scott - still outstanding
  • "posology" question - IHE Pharmacy List
    • no obvious direction to discussion yet but mainly dosage and timing
    • Julie will respond
Tom will nudge Marco to pursue this a little since he is a the "glossary man"
  • Common HL7/ IHE Pharmacy Glossary
Tom will point Marco to dosage scheme 
  • Formal description of business architecture/workflow
    • Nothing further required
  • IDMP issues
    • Discussion is continuing - may come up in more detail next week.

OOC Meeting

  • Pharmacy Notes - Melva
    • Initial notes circulated
  • HL7 Newsletter article - Tom
    • Draft ready to be sent out in next hour

Project Scope Statements

  • Clinical Statement Project
    • PSS Not reviewed yet - table to next week
  • SOA
    • Hugh still to arrange

Harmonization Proposals

Julie has a number of proposals for IDMP in the pipeline - to look at next week.

  • Container Cap Type

Julie explained the change in wording.

Move to aprove Tom, Jean-Henri 7,0,0

  • ActSubstanceAdminSubstitutionCode

Jean-Henri explained its a technical correction

Move to approve Hugh, Julie 7,0,0

Ballot reconciliation

  • still outstanding

Semantic text report back from MnM - Jean

  • Friday San Diego discussion - text will become a code rather than a string to make it more machine processable. Code can be fixed at design time. Lloyd has submited a harmonisation proposal.
Jean-henri to review our model as and when the proposal passes.

Action Item List

  • still outstanding


  • How to move forward with IHE Medication Profile White paper?
Propose Use Cases as and when we find them.
Review on 7th November
  • Derek asked for details of IDMP
Hugh will send links