2011-09-26 Rx Conf Call

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  • Republished Ballot Content Status
  • Mailing List Topics
  • OOC Plans
    • Confirm all necessary documents have been pulled together
  • Project Scope Statements
    • Implementation
    • Institutional
    • Medication Dispense and Supply Event R2
    • Medication Order R2
  • Follow up on action items in Ballot Resolution
    • General
      • Publishing need to fix links to CPM CMETS
      • Publishing need to fix mismatch between shape boundaries and clickable area.
    • Medication Knowledge Base Query
      • Confirm if this topic needs to be re-balloted rather than re-published – given that we are adding in new grouper and semantic text (Jean)
      • Register CPM CMETs
      • Review “semantics text” and update as appropriate to reflect attribute.
      • Will support the storyboard by reintroducing grouper element that will make characteristic optional.
    • Medication Statement and Administration
      • Ask Nelson Hsing for explanation
      • Any items from ballot disposition tagged as “considered for future use” will be added to Action Item. (John
  • Ballot resolution for IDMP
  • Semantic text report back from MnM - Jean-Henri
  • AOB


  • John Hatem
  • Hugh Glover (Chair)
  • Julie James
  • Vassil Peytchev
  • Ana Estelrich
  • Tom de Jong (Scribe)
  • Tim Buxton
  • Scott Robertson
  • Grace ???

Republished Ballot Content Status

  • no update

Mailing List Topics

  • Vision prescription/dispense
    • Yes, can be done with OBS
  • Indication in CPM
    • DX as fixed value, RSN act relationship

OOC Plans

  • Hugh will start something for agenda [done]
    • Day 1:
      • Q1/2 use cases/scope
      • Q3/4 break up into groups?
  • Location is still the same; it will be full
  • Tom and Julie will have presentations [done]
  • Institutional use cases based on V2 materials:
    • Dutch V2 implementations Tom
    • US V2 implementations Scott/John
    • Reference to IHE Hospital profile Tom

Project Scope Statements

  • New Project Scope Statements
    • Institutional Use Cases - Vote to accept: Scott/Tim 8/0/0
    • Medication Order Release 2 - Vote to accept: Tom/Scott 7/0/0
    • Medication Dispense Release 2 - Vote to accept: Scott/Tom 8/0/0

Follow up on action items in Ballot Resolution

  • Jean-Henri to follow up on publication
  • Hugh has sent follow up e-mail to VA

Ballot resolution for IDMP

  • Some updates because of discussion with Fumika in San Diego
  • Hugh will set up Doodle poll to vote on IDMP ballot resolution

Semantic text report back from MnM

  • Jean-Henri was not on call

Action Item List

  • no updates


  • planning next con calls
    • Organized list of conference calls and SD attendance
      • How to do SD votes? Co-chair sufficient.
    • No call next time (due to travelling to OOC)
    • Canadian Thanksgiving after that

Outstanding Actions from Previous Calls

  • none