2011-08-01 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Ana Estelrich, John Hatem, Tom de Jong, Vassil Peytchev (scribe)

Ballot Prep

One patch left to be applied – one file did not get to Don Lloyd due to size. Other than that everything is in place.

List topics

No list topics from the previous week were brought up.

OOC Plans

The dates are October 5th, 6th, and 7th, with October 5th being a joint meeting between HL7 Pharmacy WG and IHE Pharmacy. The meeting will be at the PHAST offices in Paris. Ana has provided information about two close-by hotels, and may provide suggestions on lower cost hotels if necessary.

Agenda topics – Ana worked with José on the joint IHE/HL7 meeting agenda, however the IHE Pharmacy co-chairs are currently unavailable. Tom reviewed possible topics:

  • For the joint meeting: Medication record query is under discussion in IHE pharmacy, currently there is a white paper being developed as a basis for future work. It seems that HL7 Pharmacy has all the necessary data to support the various Medication Record queries, so a relevant task for the WG is to help IHE describe the data elements that are necessary, and how they are related. This will take up at least half a day discussion at the OOC, and some preparatory work may be possible in San Diego
  • Major agenda topic is applying institutional requirements to existing Pharmacy artifacts – some of that has already been done, but there are outstanding items left
  • The rest of the time will be spent working on the action item list and possible future ballots – this will depend on outcomes from the San Diego meetings.

CPM Governance

No movement on that front. Hugh is expected at the next call with possible update; it will become an agenda item for San Diego

Action Item List

No progress this week, John will take a look at it over the next week and update the listserv time permitting.

Project Planning review

Melva is not on the call for an update. Tasks for this ballot cycle are completed, Jean-Henri will follow-up to make sure this is reflected properly.

Agenda for next Week's Call

  • Ballot Status Update
  • Mailing List Topics
  • OOC Plans
  • CPM Governance
  • Action Item List
  • Project Planning Review
  • AOB