2011-07-25 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Melva Peters (scribe), Jean-Henri Duteau, Tom de Jong, Garry Cruikshank, Vassil Peytchev

Ballot Prep

Both Medication Knowledgebase Query and Medication Statement have been QA'd by John and Melva.

Jean has made changes and has sent the updates to Don Lloyd. The updates will be posted.

All reconciliations have been completed.

Congratulations on meeting the target dates!

List Topics

No Known Medication

No new postings


No new postings

Decision Making Practices

TSC Elections

Rob has tallied the votes received - based on the votes, Pharmacy WG will be submitting vote for Austin.

Tom will vote on behalf of Pharmacy WG - vote is due by the end of this week.

OOC Plans

Tom is collecting the topics for the OOC and will send to Rob by end of day July 26th and copy Jurgen.

Rob will send OOC notification to Lynn Lasko with list of topics

CPM Govenance

Hugh' will pursue.  This will be an open item for the workgroup meeting.

Decision Making Practices

We have the option of accepting the "default" DMP which reduces the quorum or updating the "generic" DMP. It was moved by Garry Cruickshank and seconded by Tom de Jong that the Pharmacy WG adopts the "default DMP" and notifies HQ.

Rob will send the notice to Lynn Lasko at HQ

Action Items

Suggestion made to try and work through items on conf calls at some point in future.

Agenda for next week's call

  • Ballot prep
  • List topics
  • OOC Plans
  • CPM Governance
  • Action Item List
  • Project Planning Review